posted by Smyke,
Grab your favourite snacks and drinks, another Netflix binge-session is incoming! The launch date for DOTA: Dragon's Blood was revealed. A new trailer for the second season (Book 2) of the anime DOTA: Dragon's Blood was revealed on 9 December. Additionally, the release date was made official: The new episodes will launch on 6 January 2022. The trailer can be watched on YouTube or directly on Netflix.

The anime originally launched in March 2021 and followed the origin story of main character Davion the Dragon Knight - ergo, how he became able to transform into a dragon. The show quickly found success and trended in several of Netflix' top ten lists in various countries. It was no surprise that only a month after release, it was confirmed that there will be a second season coming.

Dragon's Blood features several heroes from the Dota 2 universe, such as - obviously - Dragon Knight, but also Mirana, Luna, and Invoker. According to the trailers, Book 2 will feature a lot more scenes with Terrorblade and Lina will also enter the stage. For those who completely missed the first season and where surprised by the newest hero in-game Marci, and why her art style is so different: The strong fighter originated from the anime and became so popular that she was implemented in the game.

The producers behind the anime are Kaiju Boulevard and Studio Mir. The latter is a South Korean animation studio who also worked on The Legend of Korra - for those who were thinking this art style seems familiar.

Photo credit: Netflix