posted by Smyke,
Valve implemented a new update for Dota Plus on 2 December. Players get a new treasure, as well as a music pack by Humanity's Last Breath. Get your best headphones because Dota 2 is going to sound a lot nicer: Valve released a new update for Dota Plus which features new rewards, guild quests, a winter treasure and a music pack. The blog post also once again teased a Battle Pass to come in the next few weeks with no date given yet.

The music pack was composed by the Swedish metalcore band Humanity's Last Breath and is even more intense as you can imagine. If you want to tune into it, check out here and also make sure to head over to their homepage.

For those who are playing in guilds, there are three new rewards for each tier to be unlocked:


  • Emoticon - invoker_dry
  • Emoticon - luna_rage
  • Emoticon - manta


  • Spray - Spirit Breaker Choo Choo
  • Spray - Lion Laugh
  • Spray - Undying RIP


  • Chat Wheel - "Absolutely Perfect"
  • Chat Wheel - "Как же это сочно, ах!"
  • Chat Wheel - "漂~ 亮!"

There also is a new treasure with skins for the following heroes: Spirit Breaker, Chaos Knight, Riki, Treant Protector, Arc Warden, Undying, and Lina. Additionally, there is the courier Bionic Birdie.

What is your favourite music pack so far?

Photo credit: Humanity's Last Breath