posted by Smyke,
One week after Omega Esport were banned from the DPC and further Valve-sponsored events, the case was lifted again. The Filipino organisation Omega Esports, also known as Smart Omega, is no longer banned from Valve tournaments as they announced on social media on 1 December. The organisation and several of its players originally were banned in November due to a match-fixing incident.

As Smart Omega explained, they ended the contract with two of their players, Ryniel Keit 'Zenki' Calvez and Prince Nino 'Prince' Poligrates, as well as their coach Chris "CTY" Maldo.

They further stated that Valve accepted their appeal to lift the ban, which means they will be allowed to participate in the next DPC Spring Tour and other Valve-sponsored events.

Tournament organiser Beyond The Summit announced their ban on 23 November, as they are hosting the SEA DPC League. There was no public information about which games were affected by the match-fixing scandal. Omega were not allowed to compete in the DPC Winter Tour and their slot was given to BOOM Esports.

Photo credit: Valve, Omega Esports