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This week Jaunuel 'Jaunuel' Arcilla joined Dan Offen on the Position 6 Podcast. The support player talked about his transfer to Fnatic, the upcoming DPC season and the SEA region.

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23-year-old Jaunuel 'Jaunuel' Arcilla is the newest addition to Fnatic. The position 5 player previously played for Neon Esports which achieved a 5th place finish at the ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021.

Performing well under pressure

The Filipino player will now compete for a larger organisation, therefore facing more pressure to perform well. Additionally, he joined a team where three players already have a long history and are a well-practised line-up. However, he does not have any worries about his new task, on the contrary, he is excited for this new chapter:

I don't see it difficult, I just see myself being super excited for my games and looking forward to the scrims and tournaments.

Too many talented players in one region

Jaunuel also talks about the different dynamics in the team compared to OB Esports x Neon. Previously, he was the captain of his squad. In Fnatic, Anucha 'Jabz' Jirawong officially serves as the captain but as Jaunuel explains, everybody's voice is heard. Usually, the veterans call the shots in the late game though.

The support player also compared the position 5 role in SEA to other regions. He explains that most aspiring and already established pro players prefer core roles: "There are too many talented players and everyone just wants to prove himself". Jaunuel himself used to prefer core positions, but decided to adapt due to the lack of dedicated pos 5 pros. He further states that in other regions, position 5 players might be stronger in strategy or the captain role. In SEA they are focusing on doing their best mechanically - which is one of the things he is going to focus on himself at the moment.

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