posted by Tezzeret,
The international qualifier for G-League is done and dusted, the two teams that will be heading to China this December to play the group stage live from the G-League studio are crowd favourites, world Speed-Gaming and the European powerhouse, eu Fnatic.

For day one of the qualifier, se Alliance were marked to qualify with ease. In game one of their match against ru RoX.KIS, the Swedes easily took care of the Russians, ending the game with two Divine Rapiers on the team. But game two and three were another story altogether, RoX.KIS seemed to have released all the weight from their hands and convincingly took the series from Alliance.

They then faced Fnatic to determine who will head to China. In the end, Fnatic was the victor and claim their place in the G-League group stages. However RoX.KIS did not go down without a fight, pushing Fnatic to a third deciding game that went back and forth between the two teams until the final moments.

Having been defeated by ru Team Empire convincingly in game one, Evil Geniuses were in a very dangerous situation. But they collected their thoughts and took the next two games off the back of some amazing Puck players from us Arif 'MSS' Anwar.

With their win, EG looked to be on fire to qualify, but Speed Gaming extinguished their hopes quickly. The mix team dominated the Americans in two straight games to book their slot in China.

DK is the only team to currently qualify for the group stage as the rest of the Chinese qualifiers are still ongoing at time of writing.