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A few weeks after Star Ladder VII, the two most successful Dota 2 teams of the year met in another grand final last night - with the same result. ua Natus Vincere kept the upper hand again in an exciting five game series against se The Alliance. This concludes the second season of WePlay Dota 2 League with a prizepool 25,000 USD.

WePlay 2 started out two months ago with twenty teams divided into four groups of five. Only eight of them survived the first stage, leaving big teams like eu Fnatic, us Dignitas, and ru eliminated early on. The only team to not lose a single game out of eight was Na'Vi. We provided an detailed summary of the first round's results.

The remainders reached a second groupstage, this time in double elimination format instead of round robin. Surprisingly both Alliance and Na'Vi only placed second in their groups. us Team Liquid managed to beat Na'Vi and win Group B. world Speed Gaming however did not benefit from their victory against Alliance in the first round. Instead the Swedes took revenge in the decider, after ru Team Empire had secured the first slot in the winner's match previous to that. Also knocked out were us Evil Geniuses, ru roX.KIS, and eu

In the final double elimination playoffs, the two TI finalists struck back and sent Empire as well as Liquid to the lower bracket right away. The Americans secured a top three position by edging out their opponents, but that was the limit for them. 4,000 USD went to Team Liquid, 2,000 USD to Empire. The final stage was all about Alliance and Na'Vi though. The current world champion started out with another 2:0 victory in the upper bracket. But Na'Vi came back once again in the grand final. Even after being behind twice - 0:1 and 1:2 - the TI1 winner turned the match around and finally took it 3:2. An Alliance vs Na'Vi final seems to guarantee five games. The Ukrainians won 13,000 USD, while 6,000 USD were rewarded for the second place.

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