posted by Tezzeret,
ph Mineski dominates my Titan in the grand finals of the Mineski Pro Gaming League to claim the prestigous title along with $5,000 in cash. This marks their first LAN Dota 2 title that they have won in a very long time.

The grand finals were not the first time the two teams faced off against each other. Titan faced Mineski in the group stage where they easily defeated the Pinoy team. However the Pinoys were not detered by their previous loss, they bounced back in the winner's bracket finals, pushing Titan to a third deciding game and orchastrated a great comeback to guarantee a second place finish at the very least.

In the loser's bracket finals, Titan easily defeated Dreamz for their second chance at beating Mineski. With Mineski up one game for coming from the winner's bracket finals, Titan had to win two games in a row in order to secure first place. But it was just not their day, Mineski pulled off some of the best plays of the tournament and takes their first Dota 2 LAN title in a very long time.

In order to support those that are affected by the Haiyan Super Typhoon that hit the Philippines recently, Mineski have pledge to donate all proceeds from ticket sales to those affected by the typhoon.