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The next DPC season is right around the corners and teams do not have much time left to adjust their rosters. Valve also revealed changes to the DPC format with more Majors coming this time. Yearning for the new Dota Pro Circuit season to start? Good news: Valve restructured their homepage this Thursday and three of the league organisers revealed the new schedules. Here are the timelines and changes for the DPC Season 2021/22.

Three Majors and a different point distribution

Valve added some new information on their DPC homepage. The first big change to notice: there will be three tours instead of two this time. Each tour consists of the Regional Leagues leading into a Major tournament.

Teams can once again collect DPC points in both the Regional Leagues and the Majors for their qualification to the next The International. The 12 teams with the highest number of points will earn their slot at TI, the remaining squads can play in Regional Qualifiers for their last chance.

Another interesting adjustment: The tours will give a different number of points. The earlier tournaments grant less points than the later ones, being split in the following way: The leagues are worth 690/920/1150 points, and the Majors are worth 1900/2700/3500 points. This also means that there are more points to collect at Majors as they are worth more, meaning the performance in an interregional environment is more important.

The roster lock for the first tour is 21 November, so we can expect a lot of interesting roster changes in the upcoming week.

The schedule for the DPC 2021/22 season

Three of the organisers of the Regional Leagues already shared their schedule on social media this Thursday. The ESL, DreamLeague and Epic Esports will operate in the leagues again:


  • Western Europe: DreamLeague
  • Eastern Europe: Epic Esports Events
  • North America: ESL
  • China: Perfect World
  • Southeast Asia: Beyond The Summit
  • South America: 4D Esports

Here are the DPC dates for the tours. This article will be updated once the timeline for the remaining regions is public.


Western Europe: November 30 - January 22
Eastern Europe: December 02 - January 23
North America: November 30 - January 22
China: November 30 - January 23
Southeast Asia: December 01 - January 22
South America: December 02 - January 23

Photo credit: Valve