Podcaster Dan Offen launches new show on the Chinese Dota scene

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Over the Wall is the name of Dan's new podcast on the wondrous world of Chinese Dota. The show is released in a biweekly rhythm, while our joinDOTA format Position 6 will also arrive every other week from now on. Our Position 6 host Dan Offen currently keeps your Dota 2 knowledge up-to-date in three different podcasts. Besides our regular Position 6 format and the roster-focused Five Man Shuffle, the Briton recently started his new show Over the Wall.

The podcast concentrates on the Chinese Dota scene, which Dan takes a thorough look at every other week together with analyst and translator Leon "Arthur" Lee. The first episode aired this week on Thursday.

Position 6 moves to biweekly format

The joinDOTA podcast Position 6 – just like Over the Wall – will transition to a fortnightly release rhythm. This week's episode will therefore move to next week's, with the podcast then airing every 14 days.

As the start of the upcoming DPC season draws closer and teams settle for their rosters, the end of Dan's Five Man Shuffle is also in sight. However, as Over the Wall and Position 6 are released in alternating weeks, you won't ever be without great Dota 2 content to enjoy.

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