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Tired of the meta in Dota 2? No worries, the new gameplay update 7.30e not only features several buffs and nerfes, but also a brand new hero: Marci from the anime Dragon's Blood is here! Let's hear your happiest whistle because Dragon's Blood character Marci is now playable in Dota 2! Developer Valve released the new hero with gameplay update 7.30e this Thursday.

The melee hero got introduced in the Dota 2 anime Dragon's Blood where she conquered the hearts of the fans as the company of Princess Mirana. The silent Marci appeared to be small and innocent, but she turned out to be an incredibly skilled and dangerous fighter. Valve announced her during The International 2021 as the next hero to come. These are her skills in game:

  • Dispose: Marci grabs an allied or enemy target and throws it effortlessly behind her, damaging and stunning the unit if it's an enemy. Any enemy units in the landing area will also be damaged and stunned.

  • Rebound: Marci bounds to the targeted unit, choosing a direction and distance she will spring away from it. Upon reaching the unit, Marci lunges to her final destination, damaging and slowing enemies in the area. If the unit she runs to is an ally, it receives 35% bonus movement speed for 5s.

  • Sidekick: Marci's loyalty helps ensure survival, imbuing a chosen allied hero and herself with lifesteal and attack damage.

  • Unleash: Marci taps a hidden power, gaining Fury charges that allow her to deliver a rapid sequence of strikes. The last strike in every Fury combo creates a damaging pulse around the target that slows movement and attack speed for 2s. In between Fury combos, Marci is unable to attack for 1.5s. Marci receives a basic dispel when Unleash is cast and gains 15% movement speed.

The community is currently testing which role Marci fits best, with many players going for position 1. So before you jump into your next game, be aware that your teammates might be experimenting with the new hero!

Oh, and in case you avoided playing in the past weeks as you were constantly overrun by a Magnus or Tiny: Don't worry, both of them were nerfed in this patch.


  • Horn Toss: Shard now applies a 100% MS and 100 AS slow to targets instead of a stun (duration from 0.75 to 1.25). Shard damage is now done at the start rather than the end
  • Skewer: Range reduced from 900/1000/1100/1200 to 900/975/1050/1125
  • Level 20 Talent reduced from +425 Skewer Range to +375


  • Tree Throw: Unit bonus damage reduced from 25% to 20% (now matches Tree Grab values). Splash now equals Tree Grab splash values (from 200% to 40/60/80/100%)
  • Tree Grab: Building damage reduced from 90/120/150/180% to 70/100/130/160%
  • Level 15 Talent reduced from +30% Tree Grab Unit Damage to +20% (tooltip was 15% before but was doing double damage)

What do you think of Marci?

Photo credit: Valve