Time-Walk: Highlight clips from The International 2021

posted by Smyke,
Seven days ago, the whole world of Dota 2 was glued to their screens as they watched Team Spirit win The International 2021. One week has already passed, so let's take a look back at some of the highlights of TI10.

TORONTOTOKYO "ez game" against OG

Slacks knows how to comfort the losers team

The biggest problem with Global Silence

Jenkins descends into madness

Mom surely is proud 💖

Always support your team!

Is there any hero Yatoro cannot play?

Marci will be the next new hero

Collapse Magnus = TI MVP

iceiceice has his priorities down

Spirit win The International 2021

First 10 man buyback at TI

Who needs an Aegis anyway?

Yawar being incredibly wholesome

Oh, just one of Yatoro's THREE Rampages at this TI

Insania mimics Kuro

TI 10 opening ceremony

Photo credit: Valve