TI10 Compendium Predictions: What to choose

posted by Liightsdota,
Still haven’t submitted your Compendium Tournament Predictions? joinDOTA has you covered. We’ve all been there: TI is just around the corner, you’re excitedly looking over your Compendium when you get that sinking feeling as you suddenly realize that you haven’t submitted your tournament predictions yet.

Instead of scrambling around trying to come up with some options yourself, feel free to follow our guide as a starting point for your choices. You’re encouraged to use our picks as guidelines, while also still choosing your favorites when you feel strongly about one of your choices.

Where are the Compendium Tournament Predictions?

From the DOTA 2 Home Screen, click on the Aegis to view your Compendium.

Clicking the Aegis will bring you to a page with these options on the left side. Selecting Tournament Predictions will bring you to the page you want!

Tournament Predictions:

Heroes Tab:

Teams Tab:

Players Tab:

Tournament Tab:

We hope this helped provide a solid jumping-off point for your picks. Make sure you submit them as soon as possible, predictions close at the start of The International, which is already this Thursday! Please let us know in the comments if you think there was a pick that could be improved!

Photo credit: Valve