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Are you already hyped for The International 2021? You sure will be when starting Dota 2 the next time as Valve pimped the game with a TI Compendium and a black and gold themed treasure. The International 2021 is right around the corner and kicks off on 7 October. Valve decided to spruce up their website for the world championship and to update the Compendium, as they shared in a blog post this Friday.

The Compendium Reward Line

Those fans who will eagerly follow the tournament each day and interact with special features in-game can earn Compendium Points. The tasks to earn points consist of the traditional tournament predictions, fantasy line-ups and live in-game predictions while watching the matches.

The reward line includes a new treasure, the The International 2021 Lineage Treasure. Players can get one of nine previously released hero skins that are reworked in this year's black and gold theme.

Valve also included talent autographs. Each autograph consists of a picture and the signature of the respective talent. They cost $0.99 and can then be levelled up with additional $0.99 per level, unlocking rewards such as new voice lines. 50% of the sales go to the talent.

Additionally, the homepage got redesigned for TI. When accessing the page, users can choose between a spoiler-free mode and a mode that includes the tournament results.

What do you think of the changes?

Photo credit: Valve