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After robots took over the midlane in the past weeks, the reign of technology might now come to an end: Tinker received some nerfs in the most recent patch 7.30d. Less than two weeks before The International 2021, Valve decided to roll out a new patch to spice things up a bit for the participating teams. The update went live this Sunday and features a range of hero changes and Neutral Item reworks.

Tinker nerfs disrupt his dominance

Tinker has been plaguing matches over the past few weeks as his win rate slowly climbed up in general from 48% to 52,6%. In the Immortal Bracket, the crazy engineer even came with a 58% win rate and was the fifth most picked hero. His reign might finally end, as Valve nerfed him the following way:

Rearm: Mana Cost increased from 130/210/290 to 150/225/300
Heat-Seeking Missile: Damage per rocket reduced from 125/200/275/350 to 115/190/265/340

Players are still discussing whether this is just a light slap on his wrist or a heavy nerf. It will be interesting to see what the pros will make out of these changes. According to Dotabuff, Cheng 'NothingToSay' Jin Xiang has the highest Hero Score on Tinker and he also practiced the hero several times in the past week. Let's see if the teams still regard Tinker as a viable option for the main stage of the upcoming world championship.

Zeus and Clinkz see buffs

Another interesting change was made to the god of thunder Zeus and his Aghanim's Shard. Damage from his Static Field now no longer counts as HP removal. This means that Heavenly Jump still does damage, but is a different type. It can now put Blink Dagger on cooldown and cancel effects such as Healing Salve or Clarity.

Damage from the type "HP Removal", such as Necrophos' Heartstopper Aura or Orb of Venom, would not interrupt items or Blink cooldowns. Additionally, the damage of Thundergod's Wrath got increased from 300/400/500 to 300/425/550.

Since we are only one month from spooky season, our beloved skeleton Clinkz is slowly regaining power. His first spell Burning Barrage received a small buff with the damage being increased from 60% to 65%. Additionally, he gets one more bonus arrow with his Level 20 talent as the number got increased from +2 to +3. Clinkz has had an incredibly low pick rate that steadily kept declining to a meager 4,4% and might finally crawl back out of the abyss again.

Photo credit: Valve