TI10 tickets available soon, access to Compendium free from today

posted by Smyke,
Valve has finally announced a date to kick off the TI10 ticket sale. Meanwhile, there have been updates to the game to get the hype train rolling. Great news for all the Dota fans who want to attend the first TI in two years in person: Valve has finally announced a date for the ticket sale, including prices, and safety measures. Valve had to overcome challenges posed by the Delta variant that required additional safety measures, so they couldn't share any information sooner.

The developer shared this Thursday that tickets will be available from 22 September. Although the Group Stage already begins on 7 October, live audiences will only be allowed during the Playoffs from 12-17 October.

The tickets will be available in three separate two-day bundles:

  • Midweek 1, 12 and 13 October, 249 Lei (about $60)
  • Midweek 2, 14 and 15 October, 249 Lei (about $60)
  • Finals, 16 and 17 October, 999 Lei (about $240)

The ticket sale will begin at and can be purchased here.

This is what you need to know before purchasing

Before you book your flight to Romania and purchase the ticket, you should be aware of Valve's safety measures. It is mandatory that you be fully vaccinated and wear a mask. The company states:

****All attendees of the live event must be fully vaccinated and masked. If you intend to travel, please check for any rules and restrictions specific to your city/country of origin. Additional protocols will be in place in an effort to keep everyone at the event as safe as possible. Click HERE to read more in our FAQ.****

Keep yourself and everybody else safe!

TI Compendium access for free

As of Thursday/Friday (depending on your timezone), the 2021 TI Compendium is now available to all Dota players for free. The remainder of the Compendium will unlock prior to the event. A key feature will be the Player Cards which have been released as well. You get the first ten packs for free and win get an additional one for every match you win. So if this is no incentive to play Dota, we don't know what is!

There are also team packs available for $0.49. 50% of the money will be forwarded to the teams. Purchasing team packs guarantees that the best player in the pack will be from the team you are supporting. For more information about the Compendium, Player Cards, and Supporters Clubs head directly to the announcement.

Valve also dropped some updates to the Spectator HUDs. In addition, they are withdrawing their support for older systems, which is only stated at the end of their announcement. "You will need to have a 64-bit machine and OS to run Dota" it says.

Photo credit: Valve