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The annual world championship in Dota 2 will take place in about one month. There is still no information when fans can purchase their ticket or if a live audience will even be allowed. Ever since it was announced that The International 2021 will take place in Bucharest, Romania, fans have been eager to purchase tickets to attend the most important tournament of the year. However, after nearly three months of waiting, there still was no communication from Valve regarding tickets and live audience.

The developer now published an update on the situation this Friday. Unfortunately, with barely any new information: Due to the Delta variant, they have additional challenges in hosting the event as safely as possible. They cannot yet put tickets up for sale and want to make a well-informed and safe decision regarding ticket sales closer to the event.

TI10 will take place from 7-17 October this year. Therefore, fans from other nations or even continents do not have much time left to plan their trip. With no guaranteed ticket to the event, this is of course not the easiest.

If you aim to attend TI this year, make sure to book refundable hotels and traveling tickets. It might not be possible for you to secure a ticket to the world championship.

Photo credit: Valve