posted by HolyMaster,
The groupstage of the Electronic Sports World Cup has been finished and brought us the expected results. us Evil Geniuses and ru Team Empire marched through the schedule flawlessly. All other known teams made it to the playoffs as well.

The results in Group A were clear: EG won all games to take the first place. This gives the Americans a direct slot into the semifinals. The ESWC Sweden winner se 4 Friends + Chrillee managed to beat all remaining opponents and has excellent chances to fllow the big favourite into the top four. The third place went to fr Against All Authority, leaving behind the exoctic underdogs from South Africa, Korea, and Brazil.

Today Group B brought us a similar picture. Empire secured the top slot, while eu followed right behind them. The last team to survive the groupstage is fr Zero Respect, making this years ESWC a successful encounter for the French Dota 2 scene. Just like the day before, the unkown challengers - this time from Indonesia, Great Britain, and Algeria - didn't stand a chance.

Tomorrow we'll see the matchups 4FC vs ZR as well as Sigma vs aAa in the quarterfinals. The winners will proceed to meet EG and Empire in the single elimination playoffs. The grand final is set to take place at 15:00 CET on Sunday.