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The wait is nearly over: Valve teased a new patch in their latest blog post about the new Battle Level Bundle. Let's start with the main content of Valve's announcement this Friday. The developer promoted the Nemestice 2021 Battle Level Bundle in their blog post. One bundle contains 60 Battle Levels, 6 Nemestice Immortal Treasures, and 3 Nemestice Themed Treasures. The bundles are now available to purchase for $14.99 and are limited until 9 August.

Valve is working on the new patch

On the bottom of the post, Valve teased the new gameplay patch 7.30 to be arriving after the Battle Pass ends. With the pass running until 17 August, the day after would be the earliest date possible for the patch to arrive.

It does not seem too likely that Valve would postpone the release much further than that. The ESL One Fall kicks off on 21 August, so updating the game in the middle of a tournament would not be the best choice. Another option would be to launch the update after the event which concludes 29 August.

Players have been asking for a new patch for quite some time. The most recent gameplay update, patch 7.29d, was released on 24 May.

What changes to you want with the new patch?

Photo credit: Valve / PrivateRowan