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Is there anything better than Dota 2? Obviously not, which is why more people should switch scenes and explore the vast realms of the never-ending battle between Radiant and Dire. Dota 2 has a wide range of wonderful casters, hosts, commentators and other terms that refer to panel members. But have you ever followed a different esport and though to yourself, "I would love to know how this person would cast a match of Dota 2"? Well, we have, so here is our list of four esports personalities we want to join for an official tournament in our beloved MOBA.


Anders Blume is one of the most prolific casters in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene. It seems like the 35-year old found a new passion: Dota 2. He recently started to regularly tweet about the game and also streamed some games on Twitch.

Additionally, Anders himself posted that he would like to try out casting Dota 2. In the tweet, the Danish caster explained that he wants to test a theory about casting a team fight differently than the current common practice. We would definitely love to see him experiment and test his ideas on an exiting tournament!


The true OGs in the scene still remember when Salome "Soe" Gschwind-Repp entertained and helped build up Dota 2 in its early days. The 32-year-old worked in a variety of events, from ESL Ones to The International. Additionally, she was part of a mysterious company called Freaks 4U Gaming which means she also created a lot of content for joinDOTA.

She is now working for Blizzard Entertainment as a host and commentator, focusing on the Overwatch League. We think it would be more than lovely if she made a brief comeback in Dota (or even fully returns? One can only hope).


Clayton "CaptainFlowers" Raines is a League of Legends caster who used to be working for Riot Games and is now a freelancer. The 30-year-old play-by-play caster from the USA started his career in 2017 and was crowned the best in his field by winning the Esports Awards.

He is known for his energetic and also fast style of casting, which earned him the title of a rapgod. Sounds familiar? We would definitely love to see a joint cast with our very own rapgod Owen "ODPixel" Davies to see who is the true Eminem of the esports scene.


Indiana "Froskurinn" Black is a former colour commentator of the LPL and LEC (League of Legends tournaments). She is now employed as a host for G4TV, an American pay television network. Additionally, she was hosting the sim racing show Nitro Nights until recently.

Frosk is known for her blunt and outspoken style of commentating, as well as her extremely thorough preparation for her gigs. This is why we think she would be great at a Dota event where she would give her honest opinion, not mince her words and draw sarcastic comparisons between the world of Dota and other esports titles.

Are there any casters or personalities from other esports you would love to see in Dota?

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