posted by HolyMaster,
The eu Super Strong Dinosaurs are the latest winner of the Bigpoint Battle and therefore 1,500 EUR richer. One month after they surprised with their second place at BB8, they did the next step. SSD crushed se 4Friends+Chrillee in two strong games in the final to conclude a tournament full of upsets..

Saturday started with expected results. None of the qualified teams could beat the four invited ones in the upper half of the grid. While the underdogs from jo Think Smart wasn't able surprise against ru Team Empire in the quarterfinals, 4FC managed to eliminate the slightly favoured by Power Rangers.

The bottom part of the grid kicked of with a huge surprise: world Speed Gaming, two times Bigpoint Battle champion and one of the favourites to take this one, was defeated by eu hehe. The celebration didn't last long for hehe though, as they were knocked out by by Oslik Gaming right afterwards. Meanwhile SSD took down ru The Retry and us Stay Free. Previous to that us Take Five had to forfeit due to the lack of available players.

The next unexpected event was 4FC convincingly beating Empire in the first semifinal. The last big favourite was out of the race. The Swedes were rewarded with 500 EUR for their strong performance. The competition did not end very well for 4FC though: SSD, after beating OsG first, completely dominated the final and achieved a well deserved victory. The Dinosaurs are the Bigpoint Battle's eighth winner in its ninth edition.