Dignitas triumphs at MLG Fall Invitational

posted by HolyMaster,
Last night MLG hold its Fall Invitational with four North American teams. The winner did not only win 10,000 USD, but also a slot at MLG Columbus. While the other NA powerhouses us Evil Geniuses and us Team Liquid have been directly invited among European and Asian teams, us was the big name in this competition. And they were the ones taking the victory in the end - although they were close to being defeated. us Typical Mistakes, after being knocked down to the lower bracket by Dignitas in the first round, kicked us NOM and us Joiker out of the tournament to finally meet Dignitas again and even take the first game of the best of three final. The favourite however managed to turn it around and secure the money and the slot with a 2:1 win. TM can be happy about 5,000 USD for the second place though.

Teams at MLG Columbus

se The Alliance
ua Natus Vincere
us Team Liquid
us Evil Geniuses
eu Fnatic
cn Team DK

world Rattlesnakes.int
us Team Dignitas
NA Open Qualifier Winner