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Valve has revealed the new venue and dates for this year's The International. The event will take place in Bucharest, Romania after being declined the status as an elite sporting event and Sweden. After weeks of uncertainty, Valve has released the new location for The International 2021. The world championship will be played in Bucharest, Romania. The football stadium Arena Națională will serve as the venue. This is the largest stadium in the country with a capacity for over 55,000 viewers. It is not yet known how many tickets will be offered.

Additionally, the dates for TI had to be postponed. With the new schedule, the event takes place from 7-17 October. The prize pool of $40,018,195 remains.

Group Stage: 7-10 October
Main Stage: 12-17 October

Originally, TI was set to take place in Stockholm, Sweden, in August this year. However, Valve ran into issues: due to the pandemic, there were new rules for hosting large events in Sweden. The Swedish Sports Federation did not classify TI as an elite sporting event. This would have resulted in players, staff and talent not being able to get a visa in Sweden for this tournament.

Photo credit: Valve