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Less than half the number of sales and still millions of dollars for Valve: The current Nemestice Battle Pass achieves great revenue despite high criticism. Despite harsh criticism by the community, it seems like Valve are have a great financial success on their hands with this year's Nemestice Battle Pass. According to there were over 846,000 purchases of the Pass and several players spend thousands of dollars on additional level.

Earnings of several millions in one week

One week after the release of the Nemestice Pass fans heavily voiced their discontent with the quests and levelling system. Nonetheless, at least 846,000 bought at least the standard version. Tallying up these numbers in a scenario that assumes that all these purchases were the standard one for 7.49 USD, Valve earned at the very least 6.3 million dollars after week one. As most players buy additional level, the real number is going to be quite higher. This year, the Battle Pass also doesn't fund TI so everything goes to Valve directly.

Nearly 100,000 fans already unlocked level 195, while over 14,000 users maxed out with level 500. As it is quite difficult to grind levels by simply playing, it is very likely that a lot of money has been invested.

A user called 入梦 apparently spent over 7,500 USD alone. The player in second place for the most spending is said to be the mysterious Arabic prince who always puts an absurd amount of money into each pass.

The numbers are not as high as usual

Considering the fact that the Nemestice Battle Pass is not a traditional giant compendium enticing with funding the TI prize pool, Valve might be content with the number of sales so far. However, when compared with the numbers from those traditional passes a huge falloff is noticeable. TI 2020 had over 1.7 million sales and 1.3 million of them unlocked more than 75 levels. TI 2019 had over 1.6 million sales, while TI 2018 takes the crown with over 1.8 million sales. (In 2018 there were also over 30,000 fans who reached level 2,000 which means Valve had to produce quite a lot of Roshan statues!).

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