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The Dota 2 community is not too happy with the current Battle Pass. Too much grinding, impossible to unlock all skins without buying levels and buggy quests are destroying the joy of playing for some fans. One week after the Battle Pass dropped, the criticism does not fade away in the slightest. Users on platforms such as Reddit or Twitter voice their discontent, especially regarding the quests of the pass.

While the release of new game content always is followed by negative regards, the criticism seems to be higher than usual.

The Battle Pass itself costs 6,45€ to purchase in the standard version, 22,95€ for a starting pass with 50 level or 35,50€ for 100 level at the beginning. It goes up to level 500 and includes various couriers, wards, treasures or emotes. The highlight items are of course the Dragon Knight Persona at level 195 and the Spectre Arcana at level 330.

However, it seems to be quite difficult to unlock these rewards by simply grinding and playing the game. You can climb up in levels by earning points through weekly quests, the cavern and the event. Turbo and Nemestice games only count as half.

The quests are often quite difficult to complete without spending an extremely high amount of time in the game, or upgrading to Dota+. As an example: one of the Week 2 missions is to level up a Hero Relic 3/10/25 times. The three-star quest for assists requires you to have a total of 500 assists in one week. Luckily you can also activate previous weeks again, but the amount of time-demanding tasks is quite extreme. Without enough quests completed and not enough points, it can be quite unrealistic to gather enough levels for the enticing rewards. Additionally, several players reported that quests were not counted after completion.

The average Dota player usually does not have enough time to grind the game for multiple hours per day. By putting in around 2-3 hours each day, which is already not possible for many fans, the progress is quite slow.

Twitter user @2b_doto also pointed out a quest that is simple not doable for some players. The mission requires you to win as core in ranked games. As players over 7,5k MMR cannot queue for roles, this does not seem to be completely thought through.

What is your opinion: do you like this year's Battle Pass or do you think its flawed?

Photo credit: Valve