Things to look forward to before The International kicks off

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The long-awaited start of tenth edition of The International is closing in. But we have more to look forward to between now and the biggest Dota 2 event of the year.

Summer Event

In May, Valve teased in one of their update blog posts about an ingame event that will start somewhere in June. This might be tied in somehow with The International, as they've said they won't be doing a now traditional Battle Pass to crowdfund the prizepool. As in the past, it is likely there will be fun to be had in a brand new game mode and ingame prizes to be earned.

Short Film Contest

Another event that has become a tradition with each year's TI is the short film contest. The contest will be open for entry until July 25th, with each entry to be limited to 90 seconds.

Valve has put up a prizepool of $43,500, where the top three finishers will earn $25,000, $10,000, and $5,000 respectively, with another $500 each for the rest of the top ten placements.

Not interested in entering? Help to find the best entrants in the community by voting for your favourite entries! You can vote for your favourites by going to the Steam Workshop.

Spectre Arcana

For the previous Battle Pass, that funds the prize pool for this year's The International, the community had the chance to vote for another Arcana upgrade. The community voted with 24,948,538 votes for Spectre, the Mecurial.

It has been more than 8 months since the previous Battle Pass concluded in October 2020, and there has not been any hints on when the new Arcana might be released.

Looking at the previous Arcana winner, Ogre Magi for the Battle Pass in 2019, and the release date for the cosmetic, the community is long overdue waiting for it. But it might just happen during the Summer event or TI itself. As Valve loves making grand reveals.


The last non-lettered update patch came in early April this year, just before qualifiers for the second Major of the bygone DPC season were slated. Releasing a giant patch might be tricky in the near future, as the regional qualifiers for TI already started. The last day of the qualifiers will be 3 July. With TI kicking off on 5 August there would be a timeframe of around month to release the patch and then give teams enough time to prepare their master strategies for the main stage.

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