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Position 6 is back! In this week's episode Dan catches up with David "GoDz" Parker. They chat about working from home, NA Dota, and his role as an analyst.

GoDz stepped into the Dota 2 sphere more than 10 years ago as a professional player and manager in the Australian Dota 2 scene. He quickly changed pace and started his broadcasting career as a commentator, and only a few years later co-founding the Beyond the Summit studio. He has commentated countless events and been part of every TI event since The International 2012. Now, with Beyond the Summit, he shows his chops as an organiser and works together with the company to branch out into the esports scenes of different competitive game titles.

For this week's episode Dan invites GoDz back for a second appearance on the pdocast to catch up with the past year.

GoDz talks about how it has been to work away from the office: on the comforts of being able to choose your working rhythm and where you can have your setup, but also difficulties that come from being away from your coworkers and having less face time.

The podcast then takes a turn to also talk about the difficulties of broadcasting during a lockdown, and how BTS found their unique space in it. GoDz talks about their experience in running DPC events and how they really wanted to showcase the ability of the NA region with it.

GoDz then goes on to talk about his analyst role and how it has evolved over time, and what it is like to commentate Dota 2 now, and how he fits into the ecosystem.

The conversation finishes off with a look back at the MeToo wave in Dota 2 last year. GoDz talks about BTS's involvement, and how they are trying to create a better space for Dota 2 fans.

Listen to the previous episode with GoDz HERE.

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