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In a thrilling grand final that matches even that of The International 2013, ua Na'Vi manages to make and epic comeback and takes the title of StarLadder and dealing se Alliance's first LAN final loss in a very long time.

In game one, Na'Vi drafted a very greedy line-up with Elder Titan, Outworld Devourer, Anti-Mage and Timbersaw, essentially a quad-core line-up. Despite the reservations held by some, Na'Vi was able to make the line-up work when they sent Elder Titan, Anti-Mage and their lone support, Crystal Maiden to the top lane. Elder Titan and Anti-Mage did a musical chair in their lane, allowing both heroes to get their much needed levels and gold.

With those levels, Elder Titan was able to go roam around the map to grab a multitude of kills and Na'Vi continues to snowball out of control, forcing Alliance to tap out at just 16 minutes into the game.

Game two sees Alliance being the first one to take the Elder Titan and letting Na'Vi grab the Wisp along with Ursa for the relocate combo. The Swedes was able to grab first blood but Na'Vi soon grab a kill of their own. From then on the game went a little more passively, both teams not willing to engage each other until Alliance decided to go for Roshan where an extended teamfight have both teams exchanging kills.

Despite being down kills and towers throughout the game, Na'Vi was able to tay in the game thanks to Bounty Hunter's Track and some well positioned teamfights. Another extended teamfight at the second Roshan spawn more than secured the game for Na'Vi when Ursa was able to get an Ultra-Kill. Na'Vi went for the base siege soon after but was repelled by Alliance. A couple of tries later, they manage to break mid high ground and ends the game.

Na'Vi tries to close out the series in game three by picking Doom for their carry and ua Gleb 'Funnik' Lipatnikov's signature hero, Clinkz. The game did not work out for Na'Vi when Doom did a couple of failed tower dives, giving Alliance the kills. By sending Nature's Prophet top against Clinkz, the Swedes ensured that he was unable to farm as efficiently as he should have with the use of treant harass. With the advantage slipping out of Na'Vi's control, they had no choice but to call the 'GG' and force a deciding game four.

In the final game, Na'Vi opted for a similar draft as game one, swapping out Outworld Devourer and Anti-Mage for the equally strong Batrider and Spectre. Right off the bat, both teams went for the offensive, trading kills all over the map, putting the kill score at an even 7-7 at 18 minutes in. But Na'Vi was able to grab a teamwipe a minute after at the bottom lane while only sacrificing two in the process. Eventhough Na'Vi was able to lead in kills, they slowly lost map control due to Nature's Prophet split pushing around the map.

When Alliance went for the Roshan attempt, ua Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin channeled his "inner-Bamboe" and managed to snipe the Roshan kill from them and picks up the Aegis of Immortality in the process. In the ensuing teamfight, Na'Vi grabs four kills, putting them back into the game. From then on, Na'Vi continue to snowball out of control and punches their fifth StarLadder title. This also means that Na'Vi has won all StarLadder LAN finals that they have attended.

Final Standings

First Place: ua Na'Vi
Second Place: se Alliance
Third Place: ru Team Empire
Fourth Place: ru RoX.KIS