First batch of invites for Fragbite Masters

posted by Tezzeret,
Fragbite has recently announced the first eight invited teams to their Fragbite Masters tournament with an additional ten teams left to be revealed. Notable names so far include the million dollar Swedish team se Alliance, the American hopefuls, us Team Dignitas and the newly formed team in eu Super Strong Dinosaurs.

Eight teams have also qualified for the Fragbite Masters so far and another six slots are still available for teams to fight it out for.

Full list of inivited teams and qualified teams thus far is avaible below.

Invited Teams

se Alliance
se 4 Friends + Chrillee
dk Team Life
us Team Dignitas
ru RoX.KiS
eu Speed Gaming
eu Super Strong Dinosaurs
eu Flip.Sid3.Quantic

Qualified Teams

ru Duza Gaming
fr Zero Respect
us No Big Deal
eu hehe_united
se Turtle Masters
ro Cede Nullis
no fiskestanga
dk My Carry Can't Be This Kawaii