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The first day of the StarLadder VII LAN Finals is over, after [b] ua Na'Vi[/b] went head to head against [b] ru Team Empire[/b] in the opening match of the LAN finals. The second day is scheduled to start tomorrow, at 12:00 cest, with [b] se Alliance[/b] playing against [b] ru Rox.KIS[/b].

Team Empire pushed Na'Vi to the limits in the first day, after taking their match up in to three games scenario. Na'Vi didn't manage to win over Team Empire in the first game of their match up, and therefore they entered the second game with a lot of pressure in front of them.

However, the four in-a-row time champions of StarLadder, Na'Vi, were able to overcome their struggles in the first game and win the second game of the series after some really good plays on Troll coming out from ua Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin. The third and final game of the match up was a bit surprise for most of us, after Na'Vi managed to pull out some amazing and really good gameplay, especially the well farmed Alchemist on ua Alexander 'XBOCT' Dashkevich. Following their comeback in the opening day of the LAN finals, Na'Vi secured a spot in the upper bracket final, while Team Empire headed up in the lower bracket.

The second match up of the first round is scheduled to start tomorrow at 12:00 CEST. Alliance, the two time defending champions are going up against RoX.KIS. The loser of that match up will face Team Empire in the lower bracket.


10th October (Thursday):
1500 CEST ua Navi vs ru Empire

11th October (Friday):
1200 CEST se Alliance vs ru RoX.KIS
1500 CEST Upper Bracker Final

12th October (Saturday):
1500 CEST Lower Bracket Round 1
1800 CEST Lower Bracket Final

13th October (Sunday):
1800 CEST Grand Final

Playoff Bracket: