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After the North American ESWC Qualifier concluded yesterday, it's time for the European Dota 2 fans to gather and fight for their participation this week. The competition is expected to be tougher for this continent with 16 teams being invited instead of just fou and presumably a larger amount of challengers in the open qualifier. The NA qualifier finished without surprises: us Evil Geniuses and eu marched into the final without dropping a game. Only us Pretty Boy Swag managed to cause trouble to Rsnake in the first game of the semifinals - followed by a 5 minute forfeit in the second game. When the two favouries finally met, EG kept the upper hand with two convincing victories. Both EG and Rsnake are therefore qualified for ESWC, but EG is getting all costs sponsored by dailymotion on top of that.

Now it's Europe's turn to identify two teams who earn a slot at the Electronic Sports World Cup in Paris from Octover 30th to November 3rd. Among the favourites are ru Team Empire who originally declined the invitation but changed its mind. eu Fnatic however will not take part. Other top contendors are ru Virtus.Pro, se 4FC, by Power Rangers, and many more.

Before these teams get involved, there is one last chance for everyone out there to make it by signing up for the open qualifier that's going to start on Thursday at 18:00 cest. The main qualifier kicks of on Saturday.

Prequalified teams:fr 3DMaxua Cascadese Gambg Risk !dk Team Lifejo Think SmartInvited teams:se 4FCkz Ahead.kzru DuzaGamingrs ONEru Poseidonby Power Rangersru roX.KISru Team Empirefi Team Menaceru

EU Open Qualifier Day 1 (03.10.)18:15 CEST - Round 1 (Round of 256 or 512)19:30 CEST - Round 2 (Round of 128 or 256)20:45 CEST - Round 3 (Round of 64 or 128)22:00 CEST - Round 4 (Round of 64, if more than 256 teams sign up)EU Open Qualifier Day 2 (04.10.)18:00 CEST - Round of 32 (bo3)21:00 CEST - Final RoundEU Main Qualifier Day 1 (05.10.)16:00 CEST - Main Round 1 (24 teams left, bo3)18:30 CEST - Main Round 2 (16 teams left, bo3)21:00 CEST - Quarterfinals (bo3)EU Main Qualifier Day 2 (06.10.)18:00 CEST - Semifinals (bo3)21:00 CEST - Qualifier Final (bo3)