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Eliminations in WePlay Dota2 League Season 2 are right around the corner. The top two teams in each of the four groups will be advancing to the second stage with world RattleSnake.Int, eu FlipQ, ru Team Empire, us Evil Geniuses, us Liquid, and se Alliance already locked in. With only one group left to be settled and $25,000 on the line in prizes, here is a look at the happenings from the group play thus far.

The first group had the most back and forth play and results, seeing only world RattleSnake.Int with a positive record of 3 wins and 1 draw at the conclusion. The squad only dropped a single game in a close best of two series against eu FlipQ where barracks seemed to matter more than killing one another in the team fights. The score in game one stayed close between the teams until the dying minutes of the game, with ro Pittner 'Bone7' Armand trying to keep the split pushing dream alive while his team was down an aegis and unable to engage a team fight on an even level. It is important to note that FlipQ will also be advancing out of this group. Both teams have had amazing performances this past month, with eu FlipQ advancing to the StarLadder VII finals and pushing out world RattleSnake.Int who narrowly missed qualifying in that event by one game.

Storylines in group two probably couldn't have been written any better. us Dignitas had a decent amount of pressure on them from advancing in season one and their recent roster edits, such as the adding of us Steven 'Korok' Ashworth to the line-up. Instead though, it was us Evil Geniuses who found themselves in a position to move on. EG needed to come up with a huge set of wins in order to avoid a tie for second with se 4FC and did so by taking a game off of the group leaders, ru Team Empire, by handing them their only game loss. When game one went the way of Team Empire, it was up to EG to respond with their newly reformed line-up to patch things together and win. The exchange seemed relatively even until Empire found themselves amidst a string of mistakes that wouldn't allow them to recover; Ultimately culminating in a team fight where EG were able to AOE out nearly all of Empire by the Roshan pit with a well placed Epicenter and Call Down.

se Alliance have been showing brilliant form everywhere they've gone since winning The International 3 and while WePlay Season 2 hasn't been their best outing, they managed to advance. Joining them will be us Liquid who have been glowing since their recent roster reformation. They managed to steal a game off of The Alliance and split the match. In a unique move, Liquid opted into picking two fresh heroes to the pool in Medusa and Elder Titan. While Medusa didn't have the opportunity to farm late game like many expected, Liquid took the game handily be securing a plethora of early game kills. Not to be bested, Alliance managed to bounce back the following game by going into their comfort zone with se Joakim '[A]kke' Akterhall playing Chen; The team fights from this game were one to watch as Liquid couldn't seem to muster up enough damage to pull down Alliance. It isn't far fetched to say that with both of these teams moving on, the best games have yet to come from this event.

This tournament has been covered by Beyond The Summit, with au David 'Godz' Parker and David 'Luminous' Zhang holding down the English casting. They will kick off Group 4, which features teams like ua Na'vi and eu Fnatic, in just two days time.


Stage One - September 11th through October 6th. Four groups of five teams. Round Robin with Best of 2. Top 2 teams of each group advance.

Stage Two - October 15th through October 22nd. Two groups of four teams. Best of Three. Top 2 teams of each group advance.

Playoffs - October 23 through October 27. Four teams will take part in the final stage. Tournament system: Double Elimination.

Grand Finals - Sunday, October 27.


1st Place - $13,000

2nd Place - $6,000

3rd Place - $4,000

4th Place - $2,000