posted by HolyMaster,
After the open qualifier has been played last night, the four winners are now joined by the invited teams to fight for their participation at the Electronic Sports World Cup that's going to take place at October 30th to November 3rd in Paris.

us Dignitas had to withdraw from this tournament, since they can't make it to France on this date due to other obligations. us Pretty Boy Swag has been invited as their replacement. This leaves us Evil Geniuses and eu as the big favourites. Can any of the six underdogs take them down?

The whole grid will be played out tonight in a single elimination, best of three format. The quarterfinals start at 21:00 cest, we expect the whole thing to conclude around 5 AM. The two finalists are qualified for ESWC. However only the first place gets the trip sponsored by dailymotion.

The tournament will be broadcasted in English (by TobiWan) and Russian (by SLTV).