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The first big tournament in the East after the big reshuffle has come to an end. In the best-of-five grand final cn Invictus Gaming and cn: TongFu fight over 24,000 RMB (≈ 4,000$). Additional attraction to the game was provided through the recent transfered players, who now have to compete against their former teammates.

cn Invictus Gaming went for a rather rare tri-lane around Jiang 'YYF' Cen on Troll Warlord with the famous Shadow Demon + Leshrac combo. Early on, most of the action happened bottom, with the fights going back and forth until cn TongFu managed by a Beastmaster Roar into a two-man-Alchemist stun to come ahead. However, IG was able to use Battle Trance to full usage and won two fights consecutively followed by a uncontested Roshan and the middle tier two tower.

Around the 25 minute mark, they went for the final push. The huge damage outcome of the diabolic edict Battletrance combo brings down the tier 3 tower instantly. But they overstayed their welcome and TongFu was able to follow up a roar under the tower with an impressive chase where they kill 3 and the aegis. The next big team fight was the battle over the next aegis. While the the Radiant came off to a great start, some buybacks on the side of IG turned the fight around and secured them the aegis. Shortly after they pick off cn Chen 'Zhou' Yao, what brings them ahead 14k in terms of gold. Being that far ahead they break the base at 34 minutes and force out the gg.

Game 1 End Screen

Similar to game one, both teams went for competing trilanes. IG drew first blood during the ward battle around the pull spot, but TongFU got the counter kill shortly after. After cn Luo ' Ferrari_430' Feichi picked up level 6 on Beastmaster, they rotated 5 heroes on top. However, quick tp-reaction by the two solos, TongFu evened out the skirmish and in the end three heroes on both sides died.

A 5 man smoke around the 15 minute mark set up the next big team fight at the dire ancient spot. Due to a rather bad Ravage, IG was able to almost wipe out the whole enemy team with only Zhou escaping with 50 hp. After they killed Roshan they go for a mid lane push, but a great hook initiation by cn Xu 'Xtt Xuntao into a 3 man ravage made the fight a lot harder for IG than expected. But being too far behind and lacking control for the Weaver makes TongFu still lose their tower. When IG decided to go for the final push, not even the quick blow up of weaver could prevent them from rolling over TongFu, who calls the gg after 28 minutes.

Game 2 End Screen

The third game took off in a slowier pace, even though TongFu goes for an offensive trilane again. But IG doesn't want to contest it and Lifestealer rotated into the jungle, from where he goes for a firstblood gank on mid once he got level 2. When cn Wang Banana Jiao managed to sneak the courier, the mid lane is horribly lost for TongFu. Going from here, IG just kept on steam rolling over TongFu taking tower after tower completly uncontested. TongFu calls the gg 13 minutes into the game and Invictus Gaming takes home the victory in the Sina Cup Open.

Game 3 End Screen