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Even though the seventh edition of EIZO CUP reduced the main focus to only Europe, we saw a full lineup of 512 teams participating for the first time. Theres no doubt that the tournament is returning in September with the same ruleset. As always the prizepool is 1,750 EUR.

eu KaiPi continued its domination with the third Eizo Cup title in August. ru Empire (semifinals) and ua TTD (grand final) have not been easy opponents though, both of them forcing a deciding third game. It's no secret that KP will be invited again, if they can find the time to take part. Can they be stopped this time?


Coverage in English will be provided by our very own au Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson as well as de Christian 'Epi' Czech alongside all other streamers who are interested in broadcasting the matches.


Saturday (14.09.):18:15 - Qualifier Round of 512 - bo119:30 - Qualifier Round of 256 - bo120:45 - Qualifier Round of 128 - bo122:00 - Qualifier Round of 64 - bo1Sunday (15.09.):18:00 - Qualifier Round of 32 - bo321:00 - Qualifier Round of 16 - bo3Monday (16.09.):18:00 - Main Round 1 - bo321:00 - Quarterfinals - bo3Wednesday (18.09.):18:00 - Semifinals - bo321:00 - Grand Final - bo3

We thank Eizo for their support of Dota 2 and the eSports scene, and we are sure that many of you will enjoy the upcoming EIZO CUP in September!

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