posted by Tezzeret,
Dota 2's weekly patch his here. This week's patch is later than usual, it is also smaller than usual bringing some slight UI changes and some Mac client fixes. UI changes include the ability to add friends directly inside the game as opposed to being done via the Steam client and making the stack numbers for buff visually more legible. [patchnotes]WORKSHOP:
- Added Abaddon to the Workshop submission tools and website requirements.

- Added a button to add friends inside the game.
- Fixed bug where guild invites could never show up.
- Darkened background behind buff stack numbers for better legibility on bright icons.

- [Mac] Fixed problems with sounds cutting out or not playing for the first few minutes of a game.
- [Mac] Make Dock icon bounce when game is ready.
- [Mac] Play a ready sound when game is not focused and matchmaking has found a game.
- Make "Sound while alt-tab" setting work.
- Fix for missing lip syncing in hero portrait.
- Fix corrupted GUI after changing video settings.

- Fixed LOD1 on Ol' Chopper Pudge hook
- updated cloth settings and skinning Crystal Maiden, Invoker, Lina, and Rubick[/patchnotes]