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Here we go! The games of the last day of The International 2013! my Orange Neolution made an unlikely comback, falling to ua Na'Vi in the first round of the tournament. Now, Orange had the opportunity at revenge and a chance to make history with grabbing the spot in the grand finals.

Mushi started out super strong against Dendi in mid, having denied and last hit almost every single creep until the 1:20 into the game, nearly dropping Dendi, who later had to take a Salve from Funn1k, who was farming the jungle creeps. Orange went on to push the top lane, takind down the first one, but the second one getting denied to them by NaVi.

The first blood went the way of Orange, with a gank from the flank on Dendi. A smoke gank by Orange started an engagement with Na'Vi chasing them out and Diving the bottom tier 1, where the engagement was more or less even, bringing the score to 3-3 at 11 minutes in. 2 pick offs by Nyx Assassin allowed orange to take a 5-3 lead at 13 minutes.

Orange kept pushing towers, which was fairly easy for their lineup, making Na'Vi go on the defensive. The Malaysians also did most of the initiations and won a team fight 4-2 as they were pushing the middle tier 1 tower. Na'Vi only had 1 tier 2 tower left standing at 20 minutes, while Orange still had all of their tier 1.

Na'Vi's first breath of fresh air came at 23 minutes, when they were able to initiate well and take out 3 heroes with a big combo. The teamfight that followed spelled trouble for the Ukrainians as they were all caught out by the Song of the Siren, but a big Icepath by Puppey saved the day and Na'Vi turned the fight around, killing 2, and going for Roshan. Big play by Mushi saw him steal the Aegis and allow his team to get a few key kills on Na'Vi, bringing the score to 13-15 at the 28 minute mark in favor of Orange.

The 31 minute mark saw Orange break Na'Vi as they were pushing the top lane and pushed the lane to destroy two lanes of barracks. Things had been looking very bad for Na'Vi in the last few minutes. Orange picked up the next Roshan and pressed into Na'Vi's base, where Na'Vi clinged to every opportunity to claw their way back into the game, getting small victories, but not being able to come from too far behind. And Orange claim the first game of the series on the 40 minute mark.

Game 1 End Screen

Na'Vi went for an aggressive trilane, getting a best start they could ever ask for, getting a double kill right off the bat, followed by another kill moments later for the Crystal Maiden. Meanwhile, Dendi on Puck went head to head against kyxY, who's had a good time so far 5 minutes into the game. Orange's Nature's Prophet had a big hand in the early stage to help hes team answer with kills they so desperately needed.

Na'Vi kept gaining momentum, gaining a 3k gold and experience advantage at 10 minutes into the game. As Orange kept looking for ganks, they dove the top tier 1 tower to pick off KuroKy's Naga, however teleports from Na'Vi saw them take the fight back into their hands with 3 kills. It looked like Na'Vi were playing their typical style of Dota, where big initiations from their mobile heroes allowed them to pick up kills and dive towers to secure the retreating heroes.

At 17 minutes Na'Vi were up in kills with a 23-10 score and were knocking on Orange's doorstep in the middle lane, but decided to fall back in order not to let go of their lead. Na'Vi had an easy time taking Roshan at 20 minutes with the Aegis going to XBOCT. At 24 minutes Na'Vi went for the barracks, finding kills where they could, which forced Orange to call the 'GG'

Game 2 End Screen

Na'Vi decided to lane XBOCT's Lifestealer in middle against the Outworld Devourer. Orange's supports started out roaming, finding the KuroKy and Enigma in their own jungle, taking down Nyx for the first blood. The OD later finds Puppey, as he goes for the rune, but Puppey manages to deny himself on Roshan. Orange ended up finding a second kill, this time it was on the Bounty Hunter. Na'Vi seemed to be on shaky ground, not being able to find something that worked and Orange clearly had the better early game.

Na'Vi finally found their first kill of the game on the 9th minute, getting that important track kill on Bane. Orange had great initation on the 12th minute, managed to find important kills on the Ukrainians that were caught off-guard, tilting the game heavily in their favor. 3-10 for Orange at 15 minutes.

Na'Vi finally looked to turn the tides as they turned Orange's attempt at Roshan into three kills of their own and an Aegis, but with their initiation lacking and Puppey landing totally useless black holes, Na'Vi fell again, even having the upper hand, with the score becoming 10-22 in favor of Orange at 25 minutes. The Ukrainians tried to find space for their heroes to shroten the gap, but so far it was not working.

On the 35th minute Orange went in for the Roshan kill, but a miss-click from one of their players denied the Aegis to his own team. BIG turn around for Na'Vi as they turn a fight in their favor as Orange were attempting to destroy the last tier 2 tower of Na'Vi. Na'Vi now gained enough momentum and smart play baited Orange to go for the single XBOCT, while the rest of the team was smoked up behind him. Na'Vi ended up taking a HUGE teamfight, killing off four and proceeding to take 2 whole lanes of barracks.

When Orange came back up, they decided that it was time for a last stand - they smoked up, hungry to go for the kill on Na'Vi, but the next fight turned out to be the nail in Orange's coffin and a staple for Na'Vi as they've made one of the most unlikely and astonishing comebacks in the history of the game, as key heroes for Orange fell, they realized they could not stop their Ancient from falling and throw in the towel.

Game 3 End Screen

Na'Vi end Orange's amazing run in The International 2013 in 3rd place in one of the most amazing and exciting games of the tournament

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