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Only 4 teams remained in The International 2013. This time cn TongFu faced off against my Orange Neolution, both of which were dropped into the Lower Bracket by ua Na'Vi. With the winning team will not only guaranteeing themselves a top 3 finish, but also a shot at revenge.

Teams kept biding their time, taking careful, but calculated steps to get into the game. Orange went on the offensive with their entire roster, smoking into middle lane from behind, initiating a big team fight, getting the first blood on Nyx and basically kicking the door in with such an early engagement, getting an entire 4 kills, while TongFu picked up 2 in the fight. Thanks to that fight, puck was able to get an early Blink Dagger around the 9 minute mark.

The second engagement in mid wasnt as lucky as TongFu countered with a global Silence to kill off the helpless Puck, but Orange were able to turn things around with 2 kills of their own. The 15 minute Roshan attempt by Orange was spotted by TongFu, but KingJ and Hao's Hookshot and Infest initiation did practically nothing to the Malaysians, as they felt comfortable fighting in such a tight space, winning the fight 4 to 1.

After TongFu had all their players back on the map, they tried to initiate Orange at their ancient spawn, but a Dark Seer wall into Sven's stun spelled trouble for TongFu as they were torn apart by the Rogue Knight. Orange transitioned into pushing towers, but TongFu could do nothing against them, being able to only take the Aegis off of Sven, they ended up losing 3 to the aggression of the Malaysians.

Orange extended their territory even more, pushing another tier 2 at 25 minutes in, finding some kills to boot, ending up with a 20 to 5 score at this time. Another Roshan went Orange's way as the game hit the 29 minute mark. They then fend off the pushing TongFu off of their top lane and proceed to push that lane, easily reaching the tier 3 tower and getting it down to 25% health.

Orange continued their dominance with the Sven that snowballed out of control and the combination of spells that worked so well with him, like the Vacuum and the Dream Coil. With the next Roshan up, Orange went for the Aegis, where TongFu all fell to the might of the combos from Dark Seer, Puck and Sven and realized that the game was way too out of their hands, calling the 'GG' just before the 40 minute mark with a 5-28 score.

Game 1 End Screen

Orange went for an aggressive trilane to contest the farm of Anti-Mage, which was punished by TongFu, getting the first blood on Weaver, forcing Orange out of the lane, putting Batrider in the jungle and Weaver in the mid lane instead, with the supports attempting to roam around. Small victory for the Malaysians, as they denied their tower as TongFu attempted to push the top lane.

Orange were able to take down Dark Seer to even out the kill score 1 to 1 as Tong Fu tried to go for the Weaver in mid. After the 10 minute mark, with the completion of the Blink Dagger on Batrider, him and his team decided to go into the enemy jungle to look for a kill. Unfortunately, they stumbled upon too many of TongFu's members that led to an engagement won by the Chinese side.

A breath of fresh air came to Orange around the 20 minute mark as they were able to find a kill on the Visage and retreat to safety. Meanwhile, Hao farmed away on his Anti-Mage, getting all of his necessary items fairly early on. When Orange finally won a big teamfight, leaving only Anti-Mage to fend for his life, Hao played it smart and went for a ninja Roshan, boosting his worth even more.

Feeling like hes safe with an Aegis, Hao went to help his teammate on the Dragon Knight, who was Lassoed while pushing the bottom tier 2 tower, which totally backfired as they both fell to the rotating Malaysian players, allowing Orange to shorten the gap. But when TongFu turned on the offensive as a unit, they were able to push down tier 2 towers while winning the two engagements against the defending Orange and take them down in a fight at Roshan later on, gaining a significant lead and having all of Orange's tier 2 towers down at 37 minutes into the game.

Even with TongFu being in firm control of the Game, Orange attempted to contest the 45 minute Roshan attempt of the Chinese squad, paying dearly for the aggression, losing 3 heroes while not being able to scratch the Anti-Mage. TongFu use the window to pick up the Aegis and push base for the GG.

Game 2 End Screen

The game started off with brave plays by both teams, with them trying to get an early advantage, but the players were playing really well, making all the right choices to walk away alive, Orange, however, did have the better laning start.

The first tower of game 3 went Orange's way as they commited to the push. That soon followed by a gank on the Enigma and Rubick, that thought they were safe in the shadow of the tier 2 tower, by the Nyx, who was coming in from the flank, picking up 2 kills for Orange. The Malaysians kept the pressure on the bottom lane, this time having Naga flank and land a great net, allowing the team to pick up an easy kill and finish the tier two tower.

Orange rotated their focus onto mid lane, where they found another kill before moving around the map again, turning the top tier 2 tower to rubble. TongFu answered with their first kill of the game around the 13 minute mark, when Orange were already over 5k gold ahead of their opponents. as game went past the 16 minute mark the gold gap was even wider, with over 10k gold going the way of Orange. They were once more able to engage their enemy correctly, picking off the Anti-Mage first and following up with kills on Chen and Rubick, taking the tier one tower in the process, bringing the kill score 10-1 overall.

The 20 minute mark saw Orange go for Roshan, being nearly 15k gold ahead and having taken all of TongFu's tier 2 towers. As Hao's Anti-Mage got picked off with no buyback, Orange went in to siege the bottom high ground, taking down the tier 3 and pulling back to regroup and going in again to take the barracks on the 28th minute, they followed up with a big fight, taking it 4 to nil and taking down the middle barracks as well. Orange proceeded on to push forward and as more heroes fell to them, TongFu finally called 'GG', claiming the spot of the 4th place finisher.

Game 3 End Screen