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After an epic game three against cn DK, my Orange bags a top four spot at The International 2013. We caught up with my Chong Xin 'Ohaiyo' Khoo after their game for a few words. Interview is done in Chinese as Ohaiyo is more comfortable with Chinese. However a transcript is available below.

I really want to ask about the picks for the last two games against DK. Let's first talk about game two and the Slardar pick. What is the idea behind the Slardar pick? The win rate with that hero isn't very high.

Because we were prepared for DK's Dragon Knight and Weaver pick. For Weaver, Slardar's Amplify Damage is a good counter to Weaver and the minus armour strategy is very strong. So we have already made plans to use this strategy to go up against DK in teamfights since we knew they would pick Weaver and Dragon Knight.

So basically the pick was to a direct counter to their line up?

Indeed it is.

What was the idea behind the Ursa pick in the third game? Ursa's teamfight ability in the late game is not exactly good.

That is true, but during this game we did not plan on going into late game. We've already discussed on how to push and breach high ground beforehand. By picking Ursa, we could counter the Alchemist in the early game. Even when they fourth picked Phantom Lancer, we still felt we could take tehm since we had Magnus for the comeback. Magnus and Nature's Prophet was also able to take over Ursa as the primary carry and secondary carry in the late game.

During the third game, DK was almost able to make a comeback. What was going in your minds during that time? I know I was very nervous while watching it.

The reason for their possible comeback was that we did not communicate well in the last couple of teamfights that we lost. For example, Mushi said to "Go" but we were not in position yet. He would Blink in and we weren't in position to cover him, giving them the chance to make a comeback. There wasn't much problem with us really, we just needed to stay calm in our future matches and we'll be fine.

You'll be playing the winner between Invictus Gaming and TongFu. Who would you rather play next?

It's kinda hard to say, I want to face both of them. During our time in China, we never had much success against these two teams. I'd like to play them in this environment and win them.

So this year's The International, there is only a possiblity of one Asian team making it into top 3, are you confident of making it that far?

I have to have the confidence.

I guess that is all, I'll leave the rest to you for sponsor and fan shoutouts.

Thank you to Orange and Neolution eSports for sponsoring us. I would also like to thank our other sponsors like Razer for their support. To our fans, I would like to thank them for their support. We will give it our all and get into top 3.

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