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The second set that spanned over the course of day 3 and 4 that determined the second team to remain in the run for the championship title of The International 2013, as cn TongFu faced off against their brothers from China, cn Invictus Gaming.

iG started out the game with an offensive trilane around their Weaver up against the Lifesteaer of TongFu, who was left largely solo on the lane with the Rubick pulling and Sansheng on the Doom going into the opposing jungle after a short while, which causen Chuan on the Earthshaker to rotate to the bottom lane as well, allowing TongFu in turn to find two kills on the top lane when Rubick rotated in, as well as killing off Storm Spirit shortly after with Doom and Timbersaw teaming up for the gank.

After several smaller fights going their way TongFu took a major teamfight at 12 minutes, with the Doom on Storm Spirit opening up a fight that would put them ahead 10-4 on kills and send the gold and experience graphs arching the way of TongFu, even with iG being ahead on Tower kills 3-0, although TongFu had gotten in some denies as well on these.

iG found a highly adventageous fight at the bottom lane 18 minutes in, taking it 4-2 by dropping both the Echo Slam and using the Primal Roar in order to take out the supports and isolate Hao on the Lifestealer before killing him as well, as they evened out the kill lead a bit, making it 12-9 still in favour of TongFu.

As the teams passed the half hour mark Ferrari finally put his team ahead on kills, as they had been finding a few pick-off's here and there and then finally managed a solo kill on Hao at mid lane, making it 14-13. The elusive nature of the iG dual cores seemed to be working in their advantage, as they were both leading the way in terms of net worth and were able to limit the safe space for TongFu every time they dropped out of vision, helping iG not just get ahead but stay ahead.

iG slowly boxes TongFu in their base by taking out all of TongFu's tower and taking all of TongFu's farm. So much so that Timbersaw was only able to get his Bloodstone by the 35 minute mark. A big teamfight right outside TongFu'd high ground sees iG coming up on top and grabbing Aegis for themselves.

Both teams opting to play a very defensive game since then, opting to keep farming up items instead of engaging. However when they do engage, iG's overwhelming item and level advantage allowed them to come out ahead. iG then proceeds to grab the next Aegis.

TongFu calls 'GG' soon after.

Game 1 End Screen

Both teams made important lane decisions, putting Weaver and Morphling on the middle lane, while Beastmaster ended up going into the long lane against iG's trilane. iG used telekinesis to lift Beastmaster into a Centaur stun and get an easy first blood.

Mu was able to give Morphling a very hard time in the middle lane, and TongFu's Alchemist was also allowed a loot of freedom in his lane. 8 minutes in iG committed to a push on the bottom lane, taking their first tower and getting the second kill of the game, making the score 2-0 in their favor. The 14 minute mark saw iG commit to another push and another kill in their favor. TongFu looked to be on shaky ground, not contesting the tower pushes coming out of iG, but getting as much farm on Hao's Alchemist as possible, taking down Roshan on the 19th minute.

Shortly after Roshan, iG initiated on TongFu to pop the Aegis of the Immortal, but TongFu responded with their first kill of the game on ChuaN's Chen. 23 minutes in, Hao's Alchemist had 10k net worth more than the leading iG heroes. With such farm, TongFu had no problem ganking Morphling and taking the mid tier 2 tower, bringing the score to only 3-2 26 minutes in. iG's mobile lineup was still a problem for TongFu, however, as iG kept putting pressure on their towers and getting away unscathed.

TongFu were able to push down iG's mid tier 3 on the 34th minute, losing 2 in the process, but forcing a buyback out of Ferrari. As their supports respawned, TongFu made quick work of the melee barracks at mid and fell back. At 40 minutes in, the overly rich Alchemist visited the Roshan pit, taking the Aegis for Weaver. The two attempts at bottom tier 3 for TongFu that followed were unsuccessful and iG kept finding space for their core heroes to farm their necessary items.

Hao and his team finally managed to finish off the middle barracks, but lost their supports on their way out due to the huge chasing potential of iG's lineup. The assault on iG's bottom tier 3 came around the 57th minute, where the tower takedown was successful, but TongFu ended up losing everyone but Weaver in the fight.

As the game crossed the 60 minute mark, TongFu still had all of their barracks, while iG were down the mid set of barracks and tier 3 tower at bottom. Faith on the Rubick deserved an honorable mention, as his Rubick did not die once throughout the game so far.

TongFu went for the bottom barracks push again on the 63rd minute, where iG initiated them in a big teamfight, where Mu came out HUGE, getting a Double Rampage on iG thanks to their buybacks, they then quickly capitalized on the situation and went for the jugular, focusing all of their might on the enemy Ancient, forcing the series into game 3.

Game 2 End Screen

TongFu chose to lane the Anti-Mage in middle with Rubick supporting him, the Haste Rune pickup on Rubick made it possible for the two to take down Ferrari on the Shadow Fiend for the First Blood. Ferrari quickly responded with a revenge kill on Anti-Mage thanks to the support Naga Siren.

As TongFu attempted to dive the top tower to get a kill on the Weaver, teleportation responses from iG managed to kill the overextended Chen and then proceeded to chase the Lifestealer, who got his boots at the most critical time, which allowed him to retreat to the safety of his team and kill one of the pursuers. The game took a quicker pace than the previous one, with a 3-4 score on the 9th minute.

The 11th minute of the game marked the beginning of tower wars with both teams attempting to split push eachother, in which TongFu came out well ahead, picking up 2 towers along with a few kills while managing to deny their own and taking down Roshan shortly after, with TongFu leading the Gold and Experience graph and having a kill lead of 10 to 4 on the 19th minute.

Everything seemed to be going TongFu's way, with them finding kills on key iG players, even practically managing to kill Naga within her Song of Siren. 23 minute mark saw TongFu win teamfights within iG's base and taking the first barracks and gain a lead of over 15k Gold and Experience with Lifestealer and Anti-Mage leading the charts in Net Worth.

TongFu were able to pick off both Weaver and Shadow Fiend, locking them down and taking the second set of barracks on the 27th minute mark. As Heart of Tarrasque was done on the Anti-Mage they went straight into iG's base, focusing out the important targets and forcing the 'GG' out of the defending Champions 31 minutes into the game with an overall score of 26-6

Game 3 End Screen

The defending champions will not be able to have a back-to-back win as they get defeated and take the spot of the 5-6th place finishers


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