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The first game between cn DK and my Orange Neolution had been played the night before the rest of the series. The series determined which team was to secure the place in the top 4 finishers of the tournament.

Orange got off to a good start against DK, claiming two early kills and doing well on farm. The third kill for Orange came at 6 minutes in as they were pushing the top Tier 1, with Ky.xY on the lifestealer diving past the Tower in order to get a kill on rOtk, before DK were able to turn them around and defend the Tower.

While DK had found a few kills of their own through ganking, Orange took a fight at middle lane 2-0 at 14 minutes in, followed by a fight inside Roshan's Pit a minute later going slightly their way, as although they lost 3-2 they got the Aegis up on Mushi's Shadow Fiend.

While BurNIng was farming well, Orange's three cores all had decent farm, which helped them come out on top of a fight at mid lane 21 minutes in, making it 11-6 in total kills for the Malaysians, who also lead in terms of map control having pushed down five of DK's towers compared to only having lost two towers so far into the game.

At 24 minutes net on the support Rubick used his Blink Dagger in order to jump in on BurNIng's Alchemist, unleashing Ky.xY and even through the Reverse Polarity of Super Orange were able to win the fight, with a Hand of God keeping all of them alive and Mushi putting out the damage to get them a further four kills, diving inside the base and doing some tower to the Tier 3's before backing off

Orange kept on coming out on top of teamfights as they took another three lives of DK at 31 minutes before moving to the top lane to push in, losing Xtinct in the process and taking the Aegis which BurNIng had managed to pick up earlier, only to have Super respawn and come in with his Reverse Polarity which resulted in them taking down net and Ky.xY before forcing Orange out of their base.

DK went ganking in the Orange jungle, finding two pick-off's and some momentum of their own, as BurNIng was closing in on being fully slotted. This turned into a major victory for DK at around 38 minutes as DK took another three kills at mid lane, taking their second Tier 2 Tower and forcing out the fortification, backing off for free.

The game ending push came at 40 minutes, with DK going in at bottom lane, taking out the Melee Barracks before catching out four of Orange's heroes with the help of Fiend's Grip and Reverse Polarity, allowing BurNIng to slap them all down anc bringing an end to the game, having finally taken the kill lead in the game 24-21.

Game 1 End Screen

DK opted in for an interesting laning phase, having 3 of their heroes virtually get solo farm and experience gain, having placed Doom in the jungle and Treant on the pulls for the easy lane Weaver. The first blood was drawn by DK as Doom's timely rotation with a Troll Net, coupled with Dragon Knight's Dragon Tail were enough to lock down the Shadow Fiend.

Slardar's farm was uncontested and he was able to even out the score, killing off Timbersaw, who was caught out of position. Slardar was sitting on over 2.6k gold just 8 minutes into the game, allowing him to pick up a very early Blink Dagger.

As Orange initiated a gank on Timbersaw with a Smoke, DK rotated their entire team to turn it into a big team fight that lasted a few minutes, with big plays coming out of both teams, but the overall result going the way of Orange, making the overall score 6-4 at 13 minutes into the game.

DK had been playing way too confidently, showing aggression and even greed sometimes, much uncharacteristiacally of what Chinese teams had been displaying in the tournament, which allowed Orange to punish DK a few times thanks to the big ultimates from Shadow Fiend, Dark Seer and the lockdown of slardar and Nyx assassin. The score gap growing larger, turning into 14-7 for Orange 20 minutes into the game.

Orange looked unstoppable in the mid game, having snowballed on all of their heroes quite properly, taking down the second tier 2 after getting more pick offs thanks to Vendetta ganks and blinks.
DK decided that their last chance was getting off a proper smoke gank, but Orange responded with a team wipe, forcing a GG out of DK on the 28th minute

Game 2 End Screen

Orange's Nature's Prophet decided to hide in the enemy jungle in order to ward some creeps camps, but even thought he was hiding deep in the treeline, he broke the smoke of DK, which forced them to look for him, claiming the first blood just as the sound of the horn went off.
The KotL that was left solo in the offlane quickly became food for the Fuzzy Wuzzy, as he easily dove the tower, claiming his first kill of the game on the fifth minute and then proceeding to farm on his uncontested easy lane.

As Mushi dove another time to eat the old man on the horse, DK tp'd most of their heroes to punish the Ursa. Mushi then instantly bought back and teleported to the middle tier one tower, picking up a quick Roshan before the 10 minute mark before DK realized what was going on.

Orange successfully took the second tower of DK with a split-pushing Prophet, as DK were too focused on the rest of Orange in mid lane, playing into Orange's hand. Orange displayed great map awareness, finding solo pick offs, which allowed Orange to take the next Roshan just before the 20 minute mark, with the scoreboard showing 4-10 in favor of Orange.

The Malaysians used the Aegis to go on the aggressive, taking another fight behind DK's tower thanks to the very dominant performance from Ursa. At 24 minutes, Orange were leading by over 14k Gold and Experience, which allowed them to comfortable take the fight high ground to take the bottom tier 3.

With the next Roshan up, Orange made the perfect timing to pick up the Aegis and Cheese just as DK were walking into the pit. The hungry Ursa made quick work of 3 of DK's heroes without even the need of Reverse Polarity. 31 minutes in, the Score displayed 5-23 in favor of Orange and they successfully took the bottom barracks. Orange displayed great coordination as well as discipline, as they did not unnecessarily extend to chase for kills.

With Orange laying siege to the top tier 3 tower, DK were able to execute a successful series of lock down spells and a Black Hole to repel the attack and take 4 heroes of Orange down and the Malaysians started having a much harder time in teamfights. DK had finally woken up, and took down the first two of Orange's towers at the same time at the 40 minute mark. DK took the fight to Orange as they were going for the next Roshan, successfully winning the teamfight.

A series of skirmishes around Roshan followed, with both teams trying to not give the Aegis away to their opponents. Orange seemed to be on the back foot, but a 3 man Reverse Polarity turned the tide of the battle, scoring the Aegis for Orange. Orange played the folling few minutes patiently. DK initiated on Ursa, landing a huge Black Hole, which was tactically stopped by Fiend's Grip, which followed by a 5 man Reverse Polarity, in which Ursa was able to use his damage to full potential, cleaning up the entire DK team, which led to the final push into DK's base for Orange's win.

Game 3 End Screen

Orange eliminate DK on the 5-6th position, guaranteeing themselves a top 4 finish, leaving DK with a $114,723 prize for The International 2013.