TI3 Site Launches, Prizepool & Schedule details

posted by Sun_Tzu,
The site for The International 2013 has gone live along with the schedule for the event, the exact distrbution of the prizepool and details regarding the goings on at the main event, which will take place at the Benaroya Hall in Seattle, Washington from August 7th, for all those lucky enough to have gotten their hands on tickets before they sold out.

"Free to Play", the Dota 2 Documentary by Valve, will be advance screened for visitors at the event on Day 4 of the Main Event, but will not be viewable from home.
Photo taken from the dota2ti Instagram account.


Groupstages, Wildcards and Solo Championship

August 2nd
Wild Card Match - 13:00 PDT (22:00 CEST)
Solo Championship Playoffs - 19:00 PDT (04:00 CEST, August 3rd)
August 3rd
Groupstages Day 1 - 9:00-22:00 PDT (18:00-7:00 CEST)
August 4th
Groupstages Day 2 - 9:00-22:00 PDT (18:00-7:00 CEST)
August 5th
Groupstages Day 3 - 9:00-14:00 PDT (18:00-23:00 CEST)

Main Event

August 7th
Playoffs Day 1 - 12:00-21:00~23:00 PDT (21:00-6:00~8:00 CEST)
All-Star Match - End of Day
August 8th
Playoffs Day 2 - 12:00-21:00~23:00 PDT (21:00-6:00~8:00 CEST)
Solo Championship Grand Finals - End of Day
August 9th
Playoffs Day 3 - 12:00-21:00~23:00 PDT (21:00-6:00~8:00 CEST)
August 10th
Playoffs Day 4 - 12:00-19:00~23:00 PDT (21:00-4:00~8:00 CEST)
"Free to Play" Advanced Screening (NOT AVAILABLE ON STREAM) - End of Day
August 11th
Playoffs Day 5 - 12:00-18:00~21:00 PDT (21:00-3:00~6:00 CEST)
All-Star Match - End of Day

Prizepool distribution

While quite a few had hoped to see the additional funds gathered through Compendium sales go towards expanding the prizepool beyond just the top eight teams, there has still been a proportionally greater increase for the 2nd to 8th place finishers than for the 1st place team, meaning that simply getting into the top 8 this year is far more rewarding. So far the originally 1,6million USD prizepool has been raised by just over 1,1million USD, passing the 2,7million USD mark.


1st Place - $1,358,686 USD (+36%)
2nd Place - $597,822 USD (+139%)
3rd Place - $271,737 USD (+81%)
4th Place - $190,216 USD (+138%)
5th-6th Place - $108,695 USD (+210%)
7th-8th Place - $40,761 USD (+63%)