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It's heating up in The Defense 4 today as we head into the Winner Bracket Finals and the Losers Bracket Semi-Final, with ua Na`Vi set to play eu Kaipi starting at 18:00 CEST followed by us Team Liquid going up against us Evil Geniuses at 21:00 CEST.

The complete season of the Defense 4 will be looking to wrap up over the next three days, with the Grand Finals set to be played on July 24th at 19:00 CEST.


ua Na`Vi vs. eu Kaipi

Na`Vi had a strong showing against their countrymen even without their captain ee Clement 'Puppey' Ivanonv in their Upper Bracket Semi-Final, taking a clear 2-0 win. The team also has a lot of momentum going, with their victorious run in China at the Alienware Cup and returning to Europe to win the D2L LAN Finals at DreamHack Valencia against de mousesports. For the first time since their victory in Season 1, they look on track to return to the Grand Finals of the Defense and possibly be the first team to earn a second Defense championship.

Kaipi have had their ups and downs recently, but against se The Alliance there was little to no hesitation about their play, as they punished the Swedes who got off to a rough start to their pre-TI3 bootcamp, sending them down to the lower bracket in two straight games. While we've seen less of Kaipi than we did some months back, when they do play and when they get a lineup they are comfortable executing, they are still capable of defeating almost any team. In particular their recent strategy of Vengeful Spirit and Shadow Fiend cores worked wonders up against TI3 invitees eu Fnatic.EU in their meet-up in the finals of Bigpoint Battle yesterday.

us Team Liquid vs. us Evil Geniuses

Liquid had to make their way to this match through some stiff competition, taking out mousesports and following it up with ua iCCup, clearing both games 2-0. While most teams have had a rough start to their bootcamp, word is that Liquid have been turning it around and truly coming into their own recently, and may be a strong contender going into TI3. However before that, they are the second team to in some fashion have a chance of claiming a second Defense title, as their core took home the second Defense under the banner of us Complexity, right before TI2. Will history repeat itself? Maybe, but there's still obstacles on their road.

Evil Geniuses are a team who are hard to predict. They can play well, and then the next game they may bomb. In their games against ru Team Empire and The Alliance they made it out on top, but both times by the skin of their teeth. The strength of Captain us Clinton 'Fear' Loomis can not be overstated, and his return to a carry role has been at times brilliant, but it has left nl Alaan 'Bamboe' Faraj having to try to work out a change to his role on the fly and has weakened the supporting cast of the team. If EG are to make it all the way to their first Defense finals, they'll need Fear to perform above and beyond, while keeping that pesky EG throw in check.


Monday, July 22nd
18:00 - ua Na`Vi vs. eu Kaipi
21:00 - us Team Liquid vs. us Evil Geniuses

Tuesday, July 23rd
20:00 - Lower Bracket Finals

Wednesday, July 24th
19:00 - Grand Final


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