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Two month of great DOTA 2 action have come to an end as the last of the eight weekly cups of the fifth season of the Premier League just found its winner. In the so called SuperCup the four teams with the highest score of the overall ranking got to play in a double-elimination grid for a prize pool of $15000.

The most important one of the cups started off with se The Alliance, who was the first team qualified for the Premier League Finals, taking on us Evil Geniuses. who just has eliminated them from the The Defense. This time though a surprise Timbersaw pick for se Gustav 's4' Magnusson let them come ahead, finally winning a match after some days of weak performances.

In the meanwhile the game between ru Virtus Pro and de mousesports, who just returned from DreamHack Valencia, was interrupted for a very long time due to technical issues. After having them fixed, the Germans got carried on the back of de Max 'qojqva Broecker and his trademark Tinker advancing through the winners bracket, where they met the Swedes.

It is again s4's Timbersaw who manages to stretch the game long enough, so that they are able to control de Dominik ' Black' Reitmeiers Lifestealer with two Heavens Halberd. In this very close series the Alliance is able to come ahead and knock the Germans to the lower bracket, where they get to meet EG, who had won against the Russians using some unconventional picks such as Broodmother and Venomancer. In the lowerbracket final they tried to suprise the Germans too, but they didn't struggle against the splitpush of Broodmother and EG used the automatic gg-function.

In the grand-final the Alliance got to take once more on mousesports in a best-of-five starting off with a one game winnersbracket advantage. Captain dk Troels 'Synderen' Nielsen tried to go again with the Beastmaster + Tinker combo, but se Henrik 'AdmiralBulldog' Ahnberg on Batrider was with his initiation always on point. It was him aswell in the second game, who showed off some great plays on Bounty Hunter, with whom he found many early kills. Track gold advantage and the ability to survive longer than expected due to se Jerry 'EGM' Lundkvist's Treant Protector, made them upset mousesports once more.

se The Alliance wins 3-0 in the grand finals and takes home $9000

Prize distribution

1st - se The Alliance - $9,000
2nd - de mousesports - $3,000
3rd - us Evil Geniuses - $2,000
4th - ru Virtus Pro - $1,000