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The Grand Finals of the D2L Season 3 have just been played as de mousesports took on ua Na`Vi in a best-of-five series at DreamHack Valencia for the first place prize of $5,000 and the honor of adding their name to the list of D2L champions alongsides previous winners ru Team Empire and us Team Liquid.

ua Na`Vi vs. de mousesports

Game 1

Both teams started off pretty basic, banning out Batrider, Naix, Io and Dark seer. Navi then decided to go with a first pick Alchemist, followed up by a Visage. Mouz responded with a Puck and Lone Druid, which they have been using a lot. Both teams showed respect to the other team, Navi banning out most carry heroes including de Dominick 'Black' Reitmeiers Anti Mage while as Mouz banned out ee Clement 'Puppey'Ivanov's Chen and Enchantress. Navi ended their draft with a last pick Enigma and Black got his Spectre.
Both teams decided to go for safe lanes, which allowed ua Alexander 'XBOCT Dashkevich's Alchemist to trade farm with Black's Spectre. While ua Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov'ss Natures Prophet tried to cause some schananigans by pulling with treants on the offlane,de Max 'qojqva' Broecker decided to go straight to the jungle on his Syllabear. First blood went to de Adrien 'FATA Trinks' Puck who managed to kill ua Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin's Dragon Knight on the mid lane, but Dendi shortly replied by killing off Fata with the help of a haste rune. Whilst Mouz was busy smoke ganking mid and killing off Dendi, Navi managed to take the first tower on the top lane at the sixth minute mark.
The Germans tried to go for another smoke gank on mid, but this time NaVi responded with a beautiful two-man black hole from Puppey’s Enigma and managed to get a 2-1 trade as well as the mid Tier 1 tower in favour of the Ukrainians. They kept increasing their gold lead by taking out the last Tier 1 tower at bottom and taking an early Roshan. Navi continued the agressive play by threatening mouz’s racks at 14 minutes. Altough they decided to fall back they managed to get the mid Tier 3 tower just 4 minutes later, resulting in a 12,000 gold lead at 18 minutes. The germans didn’t lose their motivation even after NaVi took down their Mid racks and Top melee racks, with a beautiful coil by Puck, Black managed to get some kills with his freshly finished Radiance which forced the Ukrainians back. With NaVi securing another Roshan they went for a final push which forced the Germans to call GG at the 20 minute mark.

Game 2

Both teams went for the same bans as game 1 and for the second time NaVi first picked Alchemist and got themselves Puppey’s famous Chen. Navi managed to get some of their signature heroes, with the unconventional Outworld Destroyer. Similar to the first game both teams decided not to contest any lane and trade farm. This trade favoured NaVi due to having Chen in the jungle and a safelane Alchemist farming vs Black’s Gyrocopter. First blood went to Dendi on his Outworld Destroyer who absolutely dominated Fata’s Puck by having 40 denies at the 8 minute mark on the mid lane. Mouz quickly responded by taking down the first tower on the top lane, despite the tower NaVi was still ahead 4000 gold at the 10 minute mark. Mouz tried to respond with some ganks which sadly did not go their way while Navi kept running further away with kills and towers. NaVi then continued taking control step by step like a proper chinese team and pushed mid with a fat Alchemist and OD. The Ukrainians take the second game showing a perfect game on the stage of DreamHack Valencia.

Game 3

Third and possibly the last game started off with a slightly different draft, where Mousesports managed to secure Black’s his famous Anti Mage and a rather unfamilar pick, Crystal maiden. Whileas NaVi decided to go for more of a combo-wombo draft with a Dark Seer, Gyrocopter and Jakiro. Mouz got a early lead abusing the fact KuroKy was jungeling on Doom and got 2 kills on Puppey and XBOCT. Mouz played fantasticly and kept picking off NaVi extending their kill lead to 8-2 at the 10 minute mark. NaVi striked back with a beautiful play picking off Fata’s Beastmaster and dk Troels 'Synderen' Nielsen's Crystal Maiden.

Around the 17th minute mark a chaotic teamfight broke out in the middle lane. Despite the fact being behind about 3000 gold, Na'vi managed to wipe out all of mouz while they only lose three heroes due to an amazing icepath by Puppey, which prevented a devastating mana void. Following their small victory, the Ukranians try to expand their map control and go for a push on bottom. As mouz didn't dedicate all heroes to the defend their tower, they lose momentum after a clutch vacuum wall combination where Na'vi got the better trade again.

Over the next ten minutes the game took a slower pace, as mouz tried to avoid their misengagements. Since Na'vi wanted to force a team fight they go for roshan, while mouz knows they can't respond to that in any other way than splitpushing. They seem to come on top this time around as not only XBOCT loses the aegis after one minute already, but also as they find a pick off on Dendi's Storm Spirit, who jumped into a trap. After another ten minutes without any action worth mentioning passed, the two teams clashed together in the Dire Jungle. A perfect vacuum wall by Funn1k killed 4 of the Germans. Na'vi immediately went for a push in mid where they managed to kill all enemies again and take two sets of barracks. Na'vi comes back after a 5k gold lead by mouz and take home $5000.

Na`Vi defeat mousesports 3-0 and take their first D2L championship title.

Prize distribution

1st - ua Na`Vi - $5,000
2nd - de mousesports - $3,000
3rd - To Be Played Next Week - $2,000