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The Premier League has announced that they will be hosting and casting the Regional Qualifiers for this year's Electronic Sports World Cup Dota 2 event. The Regional Qualifiers are scheduled to start and will take place from September 10th to September 20th.

Following the confirmation for Dota2 for 2013, the qualifiers are now ready to kick off. There will be two types of qualifications for this year's event, National and Regional qualifiers. The National Qualifiers will add 9 teams in to the team pool for the main event, while the Regional Qualifiers are bringing only 3 teams to the pool. ua Natus Vincere is the only team that is invited directly to the main event in France, since they are the defending champions from last year.

The Regional Qualifiers will start with 16 teams in the beginning. To make sure that only the best teams are competing for the final spots, the Regional Qualifiers will have 8 invited teams in the first group, while the second group will have also 8 teams but with a pre-qualifier phase. The best two teams from each group will have the chance to go to the main event in Paris and compete for the grand prize.

The Main Event is scheduled to start from October 31st to November 3rd, in Paris, France.

Participating Teams and Qualifiers

Slot 1 Defending Champion 2012 ua Natus Vincere
Slot 2 National Qualifying Paris Games Week fr France
Slot 3 National Qualifying TBA kr South Korea
Slot 4 National Qualifying TBA br Brazil
Slot 5 National Qualifying TBA eu Benelux
Slot 6 National Qualifying TBA id Indonesia
Slot 7 National Qualifying TBA cn China
Slot 8 National Qualifying TBA pk Pakistan
Slot 9 National Qualifying TBA
Slot 10 National Qualifying TBA
Slot 11 Regional Qualifying Premier League ESWC Europe / America
Slot 12 Regional QualifyingP remier League ESWC Europe / America
Slot 13 Regional Qualifying TBA Asia / Oceania
Slot 14 Application form Apply
Slot 15 Application form Apply
Slot 16 Application form Apply