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The last regular cup of The Premier League Season 5 has come to an end. In a thrilling final spurt the trio consisting of de mousesports,eu Fnatic.EU and ru Virtus.Pro tried to secure their spot in the Season Finals. To be part of the 'SuperCup', which will be held this weekend July 20th-21st, they needed to place top four in the overall ranking.

Aegis Cup

The Aegis Cup hold quite a few suprises. Already in the first round triple cup-winner se The Alliance dropped out of the competition against the Germans, who tried their best on securing a spot in the SuperCup. Meanwhile, fr Quantic Gaming put on a hell of a show despite the fact they are without any chances of making it into the top four, as they not only kick out Fnatic, but also stretch mousesports to their limits in the semi-finals.

Being knocked out, Fnatic had to put their hopes on us Evil Geniuses, because an American win would secure them the participation in the Premier League Finals. However, Virtus Pro picked themselves a nice early-aggression line-up with an unconventional Vanguard pick-up on ru Ilya' Illidan' Pevcaev'S Spectre and rolled over both the Americans aswell as the other Russian team ru rox.Kis, who played with a stand-in after ru Andrey 'Dread' Golubev decided to retire.

In the grand final mousesports went for unusual picks like Earthshaker mid aswell as de Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier's Butcher, but they failed to catch Virtus.Pro off guard, who forced two early gg's and collected 100 points to their account.

The SuperCup

Final Standings

#Team NameDemon EdgeReaverAghanimRadianceMjollnirDaedalusAegisTotal1se Alliance-50100100100--3502ru Virtus Pro50--50-501002503de Mousesports30100--50-502304us Evil Geniuses100303030-30-2205eu Fnatic--50-30100-1806fr Quantic1818-1818-301027ru rox.KIS-----1818368eu Kaipi--18----18

This time around you don't have to wait one week for more Premier League Action, as the SuperCup already commences this saturday. The winner is decided through an all best-of-three double-elimination bracket with the grand final being a best-of-five affair. Most likely to take home $9000 are se The Alliance, who placed first after the regular seven cups. However, they have been struggeling lately and the other two 'The International Participants' are definitely looking to upset the winner of the previous season. The only American Squad gets to hold the underdog-title after their tight qualification. Still, they showed off their full potential, when they placed second in Katowice at the EMS One Summer Lan Finals.