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The Premier League is headed into it's final stretch with the Aegis Cup kicking off on Wednesday, July 17th at 14:00 CEST, the last of the regular season Cups. It will be followed closely by the SuperCup, which will be played out this weekend on July 20th-21st. The brackets for the Aegis Cup have now been released as well as the schedule for the Super Cup.

As can be seen from the table below, se The Alliance have already secured their win for the totality of the regular season cups with 350 points. At best of us Evil Geniuses were to win the Aegis Cup and de mousesports were to eliminate The Alliance in the first round, they could only still reach 320 points, 30 points shy of first place.

However EG are secure in their advancement for the second round, as even without any points only a maximum of two teams can pass them by, as reaching third place in the Aegis Cup would only net a team 30 points, 10 shy of what mouz or eu Fnatic.EU would need in order to match EG if they were to be eliminated in the first round.

The drama around the final two qualifying spots is due to the challenge of recently ousted ru Virtus.Pro, who for a long time were sitting comfortably in the top four but dropped out after last weeks Daedalus Cup. VP are however given a new lease on life, as if they can shut out EG they have a fairly easy path to the finals and a secure 50 points, which would automatically mean that they will qualify, as either Fnatic or mouz will have to do with a maximum prospect of 30 points on Wednesday.

#Team NameDemon EdgeReaverAghanimRadianceMjollnirDaedalusAegisTotal1se Alliance-50100100100-X3502us Evil Geniuses100303030-30X2203eu Fnatic--50-30100X1803de Mousesports30100--50-X1805ru Virtus Pro50--50-50X1506fr Quantic1818-1818-X727eu Kaipi--18---X188ru rox.KIS-----18X18

This means that mouz and Fnatic will likely be rooting for EG to defeat VP in the first round, in the process securing both of their advancement, while still keeping their dreams alive of overtaking them in second place, as if mouz of Fnatic beat EG in the finals, they would edge ahead, 280 points to 270 for EG. In the end this would be largely academical, as second or third they would still have to face EG in the first round of the winners brackets.

For that matter, there is only one scenario in which EG can end in fourth place and have to face The Alliance in the first round of the playoffs. This scenario hinges on VP claiming the Aegis Cup and the 100 points that go along with it, putting them in second place of the rankings with 250 points, while either mouz or Fnatic take second place, either of them putting together a total of 230 points, getting ahead of EG by 10 points.

SuperCup Format and Schedule


Only a few days after the conclusion of the Aegis Cup, the TPL will head into this seasons playoffs, dubbed the "SuperCup, which will be a four team double elimination cup played over two days. All games are best-of-three series except the Grand Final which will be a best-of-five series. Teams will be seeded into the playoffs bracket according to their points totals at the end of the cup stage, with the first place team facing the fourth place team and the second and third place team facing each other.

Should mousesports qualify for the SuperCup the organizers have assured us that they've already been in contact with the management of mouz in order to ensure that they will be able to make their games on July 20th, which could have been a concern as mouz is also playing the finals of RaidCall Dota 2 League at DreamHack Valencia this Friday, July 19th.

July 20th
15:00 CEST - se The Alliance vs. 4th Place Team (Best-of-3)
18:00 CEST - 2nd Place Team vs. 3rd Place Team (Best-of-3)
21:00 CEST - Lower Bracket Round 1 (Best-of-3)

July 21st
14:00 CEST - Winner Bracket Finals (Best-of-3)
17:00 CEST - Lower Bracket Finals (Best-of-3)
20:00 CEST - Grand Finals (Best-of-5)

Aegis Cup Grid