RedBull ECL Finals Over

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The final day of the RedBull e-Sports Champions League has ended with the semi-finals and the grand-final being played out as well as the 1v1 tournament being decided. If you missed any of the action we've got you covered for recaps of the games that started up early in the morning for Europeans, at 5:00 CEST.


cn Rising Stars vs. my Orange NeoES

Game 1

Orange went for a strategy around Alchemist, Razor and Treant, going for tankability and relying on armor reducing abilities in order to put out damag. Meanwhile Rising Stars picked up a tripple core of Lifestealer, Dragon Knight and Queen of Pain along with a jungle Enchantress for multiple points of damage output. While the first teamfights felt like Razor was able to just walk into the enemy and soak up damage, things soon turned dire for Orange as Rising Stars improved on their teamfight execution and started to take control of the game.

As tends to be the case, much of Orange's play ended up centered around my Yee Fung 'Mushi' Chai on the Razor, who when he managed to stay alive in fights and get his Static Links off was able to turn things in his favour, but whenever he got picked off before a fight or early on into one, Orange lacked a lot of power, as although the Alchemist played by my Lee 'Ky.xY' Kong Yang was the most farmed hero on the map he was only barely ahead of cn Zhang 'xiaotuji' Wang on the Lifestealer and unable to deal with three farmed heroes barreling down on him.

While Rising Stars looked far ahead, they were still not immune to the teamfight power of my Chan Zhan 'Xtinct' Leong on the Sand King, who finally got his level two Epicenter and his Blink Dagger and started to do work, winning two big teamfights for Orange in around the 40-45minute point, which got Orange back in the game and allowed them to for the first time in the game start threatening the base of Rising Stars by 47 minutes, ending up claiming the first Barracks of the game at mid lane and causing Rising Stars to call the 'GG' quite abruptly.

Game 2

While Rising Stars got ahead on early kills in game three it was only a stop-gap measure as Orang was farming far better and lead the way in terms of net worth, and one which Orange were able to start counter-acting by slowly improving their early reactions to ganks, avoiding taking uneven engagements and backing off rather than over-extending after they got a few kills.

Rising Stars grip on the game kept on slipping as they were unable to capitalize on their Bounty Hunter during the mid game, failing to find ganks and falling behind the cores of Orange, with Mushi on the Morphling leading the way for all heroes and looking to slowly get to the point where he would be able to demolish all opposition on his own.

As Orange kept on dragging the game out they gave space for Rising Stars to farm their way back to parity, and with a few lost team fights past the 50 minute mark the Track bonus gold allowed them to momentarily get ahead, but with questionable item choices such as a support Rubick picking up a past 50 minute Bloodstone, they did not make the most of their brief lead, instead allowing Orange to break their base by 62 minutes into the game, before backing off to allow Mushi to keep on farming.

This ended up giving Rising Stars an opening to even out the game again, as the Visage and Windrunner were caught out for Orange and Xtinct on the Sand King blew his Epicenter, allowing Rising Stars to take two lanes of Barracks to Oranges one at 65 minutes, with Mushi trying to split push rather than coming into the fight. While Mushi managed to steal the next Aegis, it ended up not mattering as Rising Stars took the next teamfight, killed the Aegis and then killed Mushi again, ending the game at 69 minutes in their favour.

Game 3

For the third game, Orange got outlaned their opponents, getting ahead with a tricore lineup of Lone Druid, Windrunner and Alchemist. As the opposing Anti-Mage also got a fairly late Battlefury, they managed to keep ahead of him lone enough to start inching ahead on kills in addition to their early tower lead, limiting the space for Rising Stars.

By 26 minutes Orange took the high ground and picked off the Anti-Mage with nice Shackle Shots from Ohaiyo, allowing them to claim the mid and bottom lane of Barracks before overstaying their welcome, giving up some kills as they were chased off, as well as an Aegis.

In the end it was all too late for Rising Stars, as they were unable to capitalize on their slight opening in order to get back into the game. Instead Orange took the next big fight at top lane and ended up finishing off the game at 31 minutes.

Orange defeat Rising Stars 2-1 at the end of a series that was far closer than it perhaps should have been.


cn LGD.Cn vs. cn DK

Game 1

The lanes were largely a draw for the first game as although LGD.Cn were offensive trilaning around a Gyrocopter the game ended up being fairly slow paced and close for the first 30 minutes. While LGD had a slight advantage, they weren't really able to build on it or make much of having the Dire Roshan advantage.

As the LGD held Aegis elapsed, they took a fight right after at 30 minutes which ended poorly, giving away a kill on the Gyrocopter and giving DK some momentum to push down middle lane, which was cut short by cn Fan 'r0tk' Bai on the Bounty hunter diving inside the LGD base to lose his life.

Another missplay by r0tk seven minutes later cut short a Roshan attempt, as they had tried to sneak it during the cooldown of the Magnus Reverse Polarity, allowing LGD to chase down two more kills and then pick up the Aegis for cn Lio 'Sylar' Jiajun. When cn Junhao 'Super' Xie on the Alchemist got caught outside of his own base at 41 minutes, the scales tipped and LGD were able to claim top and mid Barracks before backing off, coming back to formalize their victory six minutes later, with cn Yao 'Yao' Zhengzheng playing the Magnus being a key to the LGD victory, ending on 4/0/16.

Game 2

DK picked into a greedy lineup which borrowed a lot of ideas from fr Quantic Gaming such as the Treant Protector, Outworld Devourer and Weaver while pairing it up with the Chinese jungling Doom, causing LGD.Cn to pick fairly greedy supports as well with the Lion and Visage for their safelane. This caused LGD to be unable to zone out r0tk, who became an absolute nuisance on his offlane Bounty Hunter and kept them distracted while Super on the mid lane OD got massively farmed.

As they got the momentum rolling, DK kept it going steadily, taking a stream of smalle engagements and getting slowly further ahead. While they did not replicate the Quantic hyper aggression with the Weaver, they were still able to pressure LGD into a corner, preparing to finish them off when they were good and ready.

The end came at 33 minutes, as DK walked up the mid lane and into the base of LGD. Super dropped the hammer that is Sanity's Eclipse and claimed the lives of five heroes in quick succession, as the game ended 19-6 with Super personally being responsible for 11/0/3.

Game 3

After a fairly slow paced laning stage and the teams trading kills back and forth, the first big play of the game came at 18 minutes, as Super hit a huge Reverse Polarity, setting LGD up to be all snuffed out 5-0. However LGD were able to soon after even out the kills again, and with the Bounty Hunter on their side, this helped keep them in the game.

While DK had a decent farm lead in the mid game, they seemed unable to capitalize on it as fights kept on going back and forth, allowing Sylar to farm up and overtake cn Zhilei 'BurNing' Xu's Tiny as the most farmed hero on the map. This lead to LGD claiming the first Barracks of the game at 43 minutes, while DK tried to split push with the Io and Tiny, which worked out beautifully, as DK were able to claim the middle lane Barracks and take out the bottom lane Tier 3.

However the game kept on slipping, especially as Super was unable to find more of the great Reverse Polarities he had hit earlier, which meant that DK were unable to take head on fights, as was seen in the Dire jungle at around 48 minutes and repeat again at around 51 minutes, as LGD pushed down mid lane after claiming a free Roshan while BurNing was trying to split push. Once they made it onto the high ground of DK's base, LGD never backed off again, claiming the third game of th series.

LGD.Cn come out on top of a close fought series against DK 2-1.

Third Place Decider

cn Rising Stars vs. cn DK

For this best-of-one series, Rising Stars got the better start and managed to shut down BurNing on the Alchemist, as he was unable to find much of any farm, being only about half the net worth of the opposing Weaver at the half hour mark. As RStars kept on adding not just to their farm lead but also got ahead in kills and towers, DK ended up being completeley railroaded, as their base was broken at 39 minutes as they could only look on, with even a solid Reverse Polarity doing nothing, as they were forced to call the 'GG'.

Rising Stars come out on top 1-0 over DK and take the third place of these LAN Finals.

Grand Finals

my Orange NeoES vs. cn LGD.Cn

Game 1

The firs ten minutes of the match were fairly cautious from both teams, choosing to trade farm which favoured LGD as they got a fat Sylar Gyrocopter out of it. As they began putting on some aggression, they began building their advantage in the later portion of the laning stage, with a few Track kills quickly adding gold to the LGD lineup.

Once the ball got rolling on the part of LGD it quickly sped up and never slowed down, as DK were getting no more kills due to the good ability of LGD to disengage and smart plays. As Orange stagnated with several deaths on Mushi's Shadow Fiend and the Weaver no longer able to find farm, LGD were able to push in with their Aegis, forcing the 'GG' by 27 minutes with kills going 12-3 in favour of the Chinese team.

Game 2

LGD were looking strong from the start, but chose to switch around their lanes, abandoning their offensive trilane and giving Orange some space while instead focusing on punishing positional mistakes and freeing up their supports to roam and gank more freely.

As LGD began putting on the pressure to Orange, they began making some questionable decisions, contesting objectives such as Roshan at 16 minutes only to lose the Aegis right after and being driven away as well as laying in wait for LGD on top lane a while later with their Reverse Polarity on cooldown, causing them to lose a fight, losing most of their team as they try to disengage.

This helped LGD amass a huge lead by the early mid game and allowedn them to take the first Barracks of the game at 23 minutes. In desperation Orange went for the Yao Dragon Knight at 28 miuntes as he had not died once in the game up until this point, only to have him buy back and LGD turn the fight around on them. As LGD took the Roshan once more after this, it was a mere formality for them to push in at mid, forcing the 'GG' call.

Game 3

For the final game of the series, LGD brought the aggression in spades, as the teams traded kills back and forth with LGD finding the better trades in fights, by farming on the side and by pushing towers. The power of Call Down and Reverse Polarity kept on winninjg LGD the early game fights even as Orange had tried go for a lineup that could out-last their ultimates with Skeleton King, Lone Druid and Shadow Demon.

Some sloppy execution by LGD eventually gave Orange some profitable engagements, helping turn around the momentum and giving Orange the slight kill lead as the teams headed past the 20 minute mark. With Mushi also picking up his Armlet of Mordiggian on the Skeleton King, he went from trivial to considerable, as head on engagements became more difficult for LGD while Mushi had access to his Reincarnation.

Still a pick-off on Orange's Lone Druid was the opening LGD needed, as Orange engaged into them 4v5 only to lose Mushi three times in a row before being sidelined as he lacked buyback, allowing LGD to claim the bottom Barracks at 26 minutes. While the game kept going for almost another 10 minutes it was all but over, as LGD pressured and punished Orange until they finally gave up as LGD set up camp in their base, forcing the 'GG' by 34 minutes.

LGD.Cn after defeating Orange 3-0 in the finals of the last Chinese LAN before TI3.
Photo by LGD-Gaming.

Final Standings

1st - cn LGD.Cn - ~$16,300
2nd - my Orange NeoES - ~$3,200
3rd - cn Rising Stars - ~$1,600

Playoff Grid

VG.Fy wins solo mid tournament

Playing in the 1v1 tournament the support player of cn ViCi Gaming cn Xu 'Fy' Linsen came out on top as the best solo mid Shadow Fiend player of the lot as he proved consistently to be the strongest last-hitter of the lot and converting it into item advantages, which allowed him to defeat the reigning solo mid champion, his own teams solo mid player cn Chen 'Cty' Tianyu in the finals as he managed to push down the Tier 2 Tower after evening out the kills due to a well times use of his Mekansm.

1v1 Tournament Grid