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The first day of RaidCall EMS One has been played with all the quarter-finals matches coming to a close. Games will continue tomorrow, Sunday 14th of July at 13:00 CEST with de mousesports up against rs iNfernity followed by eu Fnatic.EU vs. us Evil Geniuses, with the winners heading on to the best-of-five grand finals at the end of the day, projected to start at 18:00 CEST.

syndereN confidently gesticulating what he expects of his team at EMS One.
Picture by ESL.

de mousesports vs. fr Imaginary Gaming

mousesports started out the day in a strong fashion, going to their happy place with the comfortable Anti-Mage pick for de Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier. As mouz got the better trades in the early game they were able to buy Black all the space he needed in order to snowball out of control, and by the point he was happy to start teamfighting things quickly went out of hands for the French, as the Germans invaded their side of the map and made quick work of the game.

In the second game of the series Imaginary had a better start, but again it all came un-done by mouz showing off solid and disciplined co-ordination in the early teamfights, coming out on top and starting to amass the lead they needed to take control of the mid game, as we saw them clear this initial hurdle in two quick games.

mousesports defeat Imaginary Gaming 2-0 and proceed to the semi-finals.

rs iNfernity vs. se dargon eblaydes

db had a decent start with some early ganks connecting, but iNfernity got what they needed out of the lanes and allowed them to buy enough space for their Anti-Mage to farm up, coming in to swing the game in their favour by the mid game. By 35 minutes they were well and ready to break the base, going highground at mid and taking the Tier 3 before backing off to claim an Aegis on top for rs Nenad 'grizine' Lukic, then proceeding to return and claim the Barracks as well as the game, just shy of 40 minutes in.

In the second game iNfernity took control early on and snowballed hard, keeping down db's lone druid while fattening up their tripple mid game cores. Things went even quicker out of hand this time than in the previous game, with hr Damir 'Mitch' Skaricic on Weaver being the tip of the iceberg out to sing the Swedes ship of hope, as they breached the high ground by 23 minutes and then just kept up the pressure, eliminating the Swedes with confident play.
breaching the high ground by 23 minutes and then just keeping up the pressure as they eliminated the swedes with confident play.

us Evil Geniuses vs. dk Flip.sid3 Tactics

Evil Geniuses got off to a great start with early game aggression coming out of nl Alaan 'Bamboe' Faraj on the Nyx Assassin, and although they gave up some kills as well in the mid game the Track from Bounty Hunter ensured that as long as they were on balance coming out ahead, they were gaining a fair advantage. With two invisible heroes as well as the Familiars of Visage, EG had a lot of fun with their Tinker being able to appear out of nowhere along with a ganking party in tow, which kept Flip.sid3 on their toes and allowed the EG Anti-Mage to keep adding to his horde of items, until he was well and ready to end the game on his terms, at which point Flip.sid3 saw little to do but call the 'GG'.

For the second game of the series EG decided to go hard for the late game with a Phantom Lander and Keeper of the Light pick-up, causing F3 to follow suite with Anti-Mage and Dark Seer, with the latter having a very good winrate lategame when paired with a hard carry. As the Danes kept kills slightly in their favour through the early lanes they got control of the game with dk Brian 'Mania' Strandby on the Anti-Mage farming out of control, having one and a half times the farm of us Clinton 'Fear' Loomis by the half hour mark. In a rough position EG were able to turtle it out through disciplined play, keeping the game going until Flip.sid3 overextended right before the 40 minute mark, allowing Bamboe on the Earthshaker to land a big Echo Slam and giving EG the opening to take the first Barracks, turning around the game. Another repeat performance a few minutes later allowed EG to finish off the game at the end of a major comeback.

Evil Geniuses defeat Flip.sid3 2-0 after a hard fought series.

eu Fnatic.EU vs. fi Rat in the Dark

Although Rat in the Dark got the first blood off of an really early gank at mid lane, Fnatic ended up getting the better of the laning match-up's and ended up out-farming their counterparts with a highly capable mid game orientated tri-core lineup. With de Kai 'H4nn1' Hanbueckers on the Templar Assassin being out for blood after having been killed so early, he farmed up a storm and began directing Fnatic's aggression as they created a considerable lead and never gave it up, ending the game by 29 minutes.

Fnatic went for an unconventional offensive trilane along with an unconventional Homing Missile build on Gyrocopter, catching the Finns off guard and picking up several early kills, as they dominated the laning stage of the second game. For the second game in a row H4nn1 was on fire, leading his team in kills as he was actively rotating around the map and always finding enemy heroes for his Dragon Knight to roast. It only took 18 minutes this time around, as Fnatic claimed their place in the semi-finals.

Fnatic.EU defeats Rat in the Dark 2-0 and proceed to the semi-finals against Evil Geniuses.

Prize pool

1st - $12,000
2nd - $7,000
3rd - $4,000
4th - $4,000
5-8th - $2,000

Schedule & Grid

Sunday, July 14th

13:00 CEST - de mousesports vs. rs iNfernity
15:00 CEST - us Evil Geniuses vs. eu Fnatic.EU
18:00 CEST - Grand Final - Best-of-5