RedBull ECL Down to Four

posted by Sun_Tzu,
After a full day of Dota action we finally have the final four teams for the RedBull eSports Champion League. Along the way, some rather big upsets happened with cn Invictus Gaming dropping out to cn Rising Stars in a clear 2:0 victory and cn Orange dominating cn RattleSnake. Only one match went the full three game in today's matches.

cn Rising Stars vs. cn Invictus Gaming

Game 1

Rising Stars made use of rotations out of the jungle from Chen and the surprise jungling Queen of Pain played by offlaner Xtt in order to find early kills and help put pressure on towers. Combined with a Dragon Knight and Lifestealer, they were able to be highly active early on, starting to dive towers soon and winning teamfights as iG lacked the damage, relying only on Templar Assassin and Nyx Assassin, as their Necrolyte hard carry did not have an impact early enough. By 15 minutes RStars were inside the iG base and forcing out buybacks and by 17 minutes iG called the 'GG', down 3-17 and about to lose their Barracks.

Game 2

RStars got a 4-1 fight before the creep spawn in the second game of the series, and running a Chaos Knight and Io combo on the safelane, iG were not able to contest their lane after that disaster of a fight, allowing them free farm and to take over the game. By 15 minutes it was 11-2, as both of the early Relocate ganks worked out for RStars. While iG tried to turtle it out, RStars broke the base after a won Roshan engagement, taking the first Barrcks just shy of 34 minutes. This caused Zhou to go for a pretty much naked Divine Rapier on his Gyrocopter, allowing iG to stall the game for another 15 minutes, however when they ultimately lost Zhou at 50 minutes and the Io picke up the Rapier, iG finally called the 'GG'.

Rising Stars upset Invictus Gaming 2-0 through strong early aggression.

my Orange NeoES vs. cn RattleSnake

Game 1

RattleSnake tried to go for a highly mobile lineup, but ended up lacking good synergy with their Io pick beyond their Keeper of the Light, which is an old strategy of the Skåne guys. While their early aggression did get them some towers, the Chinese team were unable to disrupt Mushi's ability to farm on the Alchemist. While RattleSnake got the early control of the game after winning a fight around Roshan at 20 minutes, their lineup just didn't feel like it was able to capitalize on it, as instead the game kept on going and Orange were able to even out the kills and push past, as neither Storm Spirit nor Doom really worked out for RattleSnakes. In the end it was only Nature's Prophet keeping them in the game, which was not enough, as Orange claimed the win at the one hour mark.

Game 2

Orange took control of the game from the early stages, getting the slightly better trades off the lanes as well as winning the early fights, however unwilling to rush anything, as they kept on farming up their Gyrocopter and didn't even try to play particularly aggressive with their Storm Spirit and Lifestealer combination. Instead Orange just slowly got further ahead in terms of farm, until RattleSnake had very little to say as they broke the base at 42 minutes and claimed the second Barracks by 45 minutes, as they took a confident and methodical win in game two.

Orange eliminate RattleSnake 2-0 through superior gameplans and execution.

cn TongFu vs. cn LGD.Cn

Game 1

TongFu went for a teamfight oriented line up with their Gyrocopter and Dragon Knight pick up alongside the always reliable Beastmaster pick while LGD opted for the late game Alchemist and teamfight controller Puck. The game was quite even throughout with both teams trading kills. However a crucial teamfight near the Roshan pit at 36 minutes in caused LGD to get wiped and allowed TongFu to get the Aegis. This allowed them to push right into the base and end the game in quick sucession.

Game 2

LGD went for heavy early aggression, using Enchantress rotations and abusing the seldom seen in China Bane to get early kills and snowballing out of control against a fairly greedy TongFu lineup. With very little in the way of answers to their teamfight control, TongFu ended up calling an early 14 minute 'GG' as they were down in kills 12-2.

Game 3

Throughout the game TongFu was able to get the early to mid game lead by taking kills after kills on LGD. Magnus was able to get a very fast Arcane Boots and Blink Dagger at just 12 minutes into the game due to his opponent Tidehunter going for some questionable skill build. Despite their great start, TongFu left Anti-Mage to his own devices and once he farmed up his Battlefury, he was able to contribute to the teamfights. However TongFu did not give up easily, pushing the game to 66 minutes before calling the 'GG'.

LGD.Cn defeats TongFu in a nail-biting three game series.

cn DK vs. cn ViCi Gaming

Game 1

Despite picking up some late game heroes such as Alchemist and Weaver, DK did not sit around to farm like that used to. Instead they went on the offensive by going as three throughout the early and mid game netting them 13 kills to Vici's 4 at 25 minutes into the game. Vici Gaming called 'GG' 5 minutes later after DK pulled off a perfect vacum stun combo.

Game 2

Vici Gaming looks to push the game to the late game with their Spectre and Nature's Prophet pick up while DK opted the often critized hero, Wisp alongside Magnus and Dragon Knight for their combo. As mentioned before, both teams were banking for the late game refusing to engage each other throughout the game with a kill score of 2-3 at 10 minutes. The action started to pick up after core heroes from both sides got a few core items up pushing the kill score to 13-14 in favour of DK at 30 minutes in. Having taken a four man wipe on Vici Gaming, DK went on to siege the mid high ground follow by top high ground. Vici-Gaming had no choice but to tap out after that.

DK takes the win over Vici Gaming to advance to the semi-finals.